A Beginner’s Guide to Battle Events

All aspects of the Battle Event explained!

If you’re new to Questland, you may have noticed something pop up once a week called a Battle Event. In this article, we will go over all aspects of Battle Events.

What Are Battle Events?

Battle Events are weekly Events that happen in Valia. They provide great rewards and are a way of progressing your Hero. All players should try their best when it comes to the Battle Event, as the rewards you get are relative to how well you do! To join the Battle Event, press the area on the right side of the Home screen that says “Battle Event”.


Battle Events have individual rankings, and Guild rankings. For maximum rewards, be sure you’re part of an active Guild, as the higher you place as a Guild, the more rewards your Guild Master will receive to be distributed to everyone.

Here’s an infographic showing the general flow of the Battle Event.

You have your Campaign Tickets which regenerate over time and/or can be obtained from a special Quest Event. These are used in the Battle Event Campaign to play stages. Once you beat these stages, you’ll receive rewards such as medals (currency for Battle Event shop), and Boss tickets (tickets to fight powerful Bosses). With these Boss tickets, when you defeat the Bosses, you’ll get trophies (point system of Battle Event) and depending on how many trophies you get, you get awesome rewards!



The Battle Event focuses on fighting different types of enemies. Before you head into battle, you’ll want to make sure you have the highest Multiplier available to you. To check your Multiplier, go to Home > Battle Event > Battle Event Multiplier Tab.

Each Battle Event has a certain featured Emblem. You can see the current featured Emblem by looking on the top of the Battle Event Multiplier Tab’s screen. This week, it is Abyss. This means, any items of the Abyss Emblem will grant you a Multiplier. The better quality your Gear is, the higher Multiplier it’ll give you. You can press on the top banner in the Multiplier Screen to see all Featured Items for the Battle Event.

Each row of items provides you with special links. Links are buffs that are applied during the Battle Event. You’ll want to try to get some of these as well, as they can give your Hero the extra edge you need to finish a fight. To activate a link, simply arrange the multiplier slots with the correct Gear types. The order does not matter for each row.

Multiplier Summary:

  • Each BE has a different Emblem.
  • Gear with the BE Emblem gives you Multipliers.
  • There are special Emblem Tokens and BE Orbs that give you Multipliers.
  • These Tokens can be received as milestone rewards and crafted.
  • Some special promoted items give a lot of Multiplier.

  • The better the quality of your Gear with the BE Emblem, the higher Multiplier that Gear will give you.
  • Your Hero’s stats are Multiplied by the total Multiplier when battling in the BE.

  • To activate a link, place the appropriate items in the Multiplier slots.
  • The order of the items do not matter. Links are per row.
  • You can fulfill links with items that have no Multiplier, but this is not optimal.


Here’s an infographic related to the Multiplier:

Obtain powerful Legendary Orbs that have a high multiplier from the special Grand Event chest, or by using medals from battle to purchase shards which are then used to craft the Orbs. You can also get the promoted Legendary Gear from the Grand Event chests. Some Gear is craftable via medals and shards, while other Gear is only attainable through the chests. With gear shards you can also craft emblem tokens with strong multipliers to increase your overall power in the Battle Event. More promoted Gear means a higher multiplier, thus leading to more rewards!

Once your Multiplier is ready to go, head on into the Battle Event Summary tab. Battles Events consist of two main areas: Battle Event Campaign and the Battle Event Bosses. The Campaign is split into two difficulties. Stages require Event Campaign Tickets. These regenerate over time. You can also gain some from completing various tasks in a Battle Event-related Quest Event that runs alongside the Battle Event.


Battle Event Campaign

Each Battle Event Campaign stage awards you with Trophies (The point system of Battle Events), Boss tickets, and some Event Medals (Battle Event Shop currency). Trophies determine your rankings, so try to acquire as many of them as you can.


Battle Event Campaign Summary:

  • Your task is to progress through the campaign to collect rewards, especially Trophies and Boss Tickets.
  • Battling requires Campaign Tickets.
  • Tickets renew over time. You can get additional tickets from a special Quest Event.
  • The cost of each ticket needed to battle increases depending on your progress in the Campaign.
  • There are two difficulties. To unlock the second one, you must complete all stages in the first difficulty.
  • You can auto-battle a stage, but this requires Event Auto Tickets and 3 stars in that given stage.
  • Winning a BE Campaign Stage rewards you with Boss tickets, which you can then use to gain Trophies. More on that in a moment.


Once you’ve done all you can in the Campaign, head over to the Boss Event. There are two difficulties of Boss: Easy and Hard. Each require their own unique tickets to fight.


Boss Event

There are two types of Bosses: Single and Guild Boss. You can Single Strike a boss, or Super Strike them. Single Strikes cost 2 Boss tickets, while Super Strike costs 6. You can either Strike, or Super Strike. A Super Strike does x5 the damage of a regular Strike. Defeating a Boss rewards you with Trophies and Event Medals. You can redo any level Boss as many times as you like, and if the current Boss is too hard, you can go back up to two levels! If you are defeated by a Boss, do not worry! You can fight the same Boss again and finish them off with the same Health they had before you died, as long as you battle them within the time given before they “run away”.

Single Boss

  • There are two kinds of Single Boss. Easy and Hard.
  • There are 50 Easy Bosses, and 100 Hard Bosses.
  • To fight a Boss, you need Boss tickets. You can get these from the BE Campaign.
  • The higher the level, the more rewards you will receive.
  • When you defeat a Boss, you can either battle it again, or progress to the next level.
  • You can go back two levels if you wish to fight an easier version of the Boss.
  • Before battling, you can choose to Strike or Super Strike a Boss.
  • Super Strike will multiply your stats by 5.
  • The Hard Boss is significantly harder than the Easy Boss, so be prepared with a strong Multiplier. You may have to Super Strike it multiple times, depending on your Hero Power and Multiplier.

Guild Boss

  • Guild Boss requires Guild Boss tickets.
  • All members of your Guild can attack this Boss.
  • It is extremely powerful and will require group coordination and effort in order to defeat.
  • The Guild Boss grants Guild Trophies which are the point system used in the rankings to rank your Guild.
  • All Guild members that participate in hitting the Guild Boss will receive Guild Trophies as a reward when that Boss is defeated—even if they did not do any damage to the Boss!
  • All members are awarded the same amount of Guild Trophies for defeating the Guild Boss.

Guild Trophy


Once you have accumulated some Event Medals, head on over to the Event Shop. You can get there by going to Home > Battle Event > Event Shop button on the top of the screen, OR Home > City > Marketplace > Trade Shop > Event Shop.

Event Shop

Here you can use your Event Medals to buy Shard packs. These Shards are used for crafting Battle Event items in More > Craft > Battle Event.

Event Shop Summary:

  • Medals reset every week when the Grand Event Ends, so it’s a good idea to spend them all before this happens.
  • Grand packs will grant more loot.
  • You can buy Orb and Gear Shards which are used to craft Emblem Tokens.
  • You can buy Gear related to the BE.
  • You can get a headstart by purchasing the Battle Packs.
  • Battle Packs contain Emblem Tokens, useful Gear keys, and Shards.

  • You can also buy Shard Gifts to send to Guild members in need of these.


You can craft powerful Battle Event multiplier items by going to More > Craft > Battle Event. Here you’ll be able to craft emblem keys that can be used to open chests that will give you specific multiplier Gear, as well as craft powerful Emblem Tokens, Event Gear, Event Orbs, and more!

Crafting Summary:

  • All BE-related Crafts are in the BE Craft tab. No need to look elsewhere!
  • Crafting Emblem Tokens require Gear Shards.
  • Crafting Event Orbs require Orb Shards.
  • In the Battle Event Craft tab, you can craft useful Gear keys for a higher Multiplier.
  • You can also exchange lower tier Shards for the next tier by using Craft Tokens.

  • Different Crafts show up at different times of the BE, so be on the lookout for new available crafts.
  • The Legendary Orb can be obtained from the Grand Event, but it can also be crafted. To view when this craft will be available, go to the BE Multiplier Tab, and press the banner on the top of the screen.

That’s a lot of information to process! If you need help with anything, be sure to press the “?” icon on the top left of the screen, as this will have information on the area you are at. Good luck out there!

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