All About Crafts!

Learn the basics about Crafts and how to take advantage of them!

Craft is the area in Valia where you can use up your collected resources to make useful items.


How Do I Get There?

To get to the Craft menu, go to Home > City > Forge > Craft.


Once there, you’ll notice three different tabs—Tokens, Keys, Limited, and Special. It is possible that more Craft Tabs pop up, such as the weekly Battle Event tab, but the four listed are always there. Lets go over what we can expect to find in each tab. But before we start, there is something that is important to all crafts: Requirements.



If we look to the right of the key icon, we can see Requirements. For this craft, all we need to do is fill in the four slots. Pretty simple! Once we’ve filled them all in, we can create our Eternal Chest Key!

All crafts will have Requirements. Most requirements will be to fill in the available slots. However, some crafts will have additional requirements that will have you use specific items. In these cases, filling all the slots is not enough. These extra requirements can be quality of Gear, specific emblem Gear, or even be a certain average potential total for the Gear used. Make sure to look out for this in your crafts!

In this example, not only do you need to fill all 3 slots; you also need at least a minimum of 1 Uncommon quality item.


In this tab you’ll find what are referred to as Craft Tokens. There are four types of Craft Tokens: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

To create a Craft Token, you need to use up certain Gear, depending on the Token.

  • Uncommon Craft Token – 6 Common Gear
  • Rare Craft Token – 5 Uncommon Gear
  • Epic Craft Token – 4 Rare Gear
  • Legendary Craft Token – 2 Epic Gear

Example of the Uncommon Craft Token Craft.

You can fill in each slot manually or via the Auto Fill button. Once you’ve filled in the slots, just press Craft and you’ll receive your Token! Players with the Elite Pass can instantly craft all possible Craft Tokens with the press of a button, instead of manually crafting multiple Tokens. If you wish to use another item in the slot, simply press the slot you wish to change, and you can un-tick the Gear and choose another one. Items used to create Crafts are gone forever, so be careful!


If you have a lot of of one type of Token, or do not have enough Gear to craft a particular Token, you can craft Tokens into their next tier by using multiple amounts of one kind. Here’s what we mean by that:

  • 4 Uncommon Craft Tokens into 1 Rare Craft Token
  • Rare Craft Tokens into 1 Epic Craft Token
  • 4 Epic Craft Tokens into 1 Legendary Craft Token

These types of crafts can be found on the bottom of the Tokens tab.

What are these Tokens used for? Glad you asked! This leads us into the next tab: Keys.



Keys are used to open Chests and are even used in other crafts! There are three types of keys:

  1. Silver Key
  2. Golden Key
  3. Eternal Chest Key

You can craft as many as you are able to! The limit is the amount of resources you have! Let’s take a look at the Eternal Chest Key craft.

There are four slots you need to fill in order to craft this type of key. The first slot (from the left), is a Legendary Craft Token. The first number is how many the player has, and the second number is how many are required to do the craft. In this case, we have 4 and only need 1.

The second slot is purple, meaning we’ll need an Epic Gear item. The third slot blue, meaning we need a Rare Gear item, and finally, the last slot, grey with a Boot meaning we need Common Boots.

The requirements and criteria for each key is a little different, so go out there and make some keys!



The limited tab is just as you’d expect; limited! There are different types of items you can craft. Orbs, Keys, Legendary Gear, and sometimes even unique crafts such as the Atlantis Cosmetic items that are in the Limited tab as of writing this article!

As you can see from the image above, all of these crafts have a quantity limit, and some even have a time limit. You’ll notice that some crafts are similar to the key crafts. They might require Craft Tokens and certain Gear types. Other crafts in this section might require all of this AND a combination of keys to complete the craft! Each craft is different in its own way.



Finally, we have the Special tab. This tab is slightly different than the other tabs we’ve mentioned, but we’ll go over everything, so don’t worry.

First, we have a list of many, many different items we can craft. You’ll notice though, that on these items, there is a Main Reward and a Craft Reward.



The Craft Rewards are what we call ‘sub-crafts’. If you press Enter, you will see the Craft Reward items, and that you can craft each item individually.

Each individual craft works just as we mentioned before. They require different items in order to craft. Once you’ve crafted all of the sub-crafts, you will obtain the Main Reward. In this example, after crafting the 4 Epic items, you get the Epic Duskhunter Blade.

Unlike the simpler crafts of the other tabs, the crafts available in this Special tab will require all sorts of different materials, such as Stamps, Barrels, Eternium, Essences, sometimes even item parts and more! This tab will have Gear, Orbs, Gold, Divide Tokens, and a lot more valuable items, so it is worth checking out. Do keep in mind though—the crafts all have a timer, and if you’re trying to get the Main Reward, make sure you craft all the sub-crafts in time, or else they will reset when the timer counts down to zero.


Those are the basics of crafting! See what your Hero is lacking, and go craft it!

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