Artifact Orbs & Statue Shop

Artifact Orbs and Statue Shop are two new features we are planning to introduce for our players next week. Read more about them in the following article.

Statue Shop

Valia’s brand new Statue Shop offers the top sought after items for the valiant Questanders. It will open its doors for the first time on Monday, March 30th, at 16:05 UTC time.

The Statue Shop is a source of the most powerful items in Valia as well as the Artifact Orbs.

The Statue Shop will also require new currency in the form of the Golden Statues. It will be available via Quest Event and Grand Event. However, the currency will not reset with each event end allowing you to accumulate it at your own pace. So, if you cannot get the best items from the top milestones in Quest Events, you should be able to collect enough Golden Statues from previous milestones to buy them later.

What are Artifact Orbs?

Additionally, on Monday, March 30th, at 16:05 UTC time we will be releasing new orb quality – Artifact Orbs, the most powerful magical spheres in Questland. To get rid of any doubts, they will not involve any orb awakening, they will be only obtainable as artifact. Their release date is the same as the Statue Shop.

We will start the new orb line with 2 orbs from the Sacred emblem and 2 orbs from the Shadow emblem. The basic stats of these orbs are as follows:

Unlike the legendary orbs which are currently capped at 100 level, the Artifact Orbs can be upgraded to 180 level.

Additionally, enhancing Artifact orbs and using them as enhancements remains unchanged in respect to other qualities.

How can I get Artifact Orbs?

Initially, the new orb quality will be available in the following places:

  • as milestones reward in weekly Quest Events
  • part of the Statue Shop assortment

You can also watch our Youtube video about the new Orb quality.

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