Basic Currencies

A review of the basic currencies in Valia!

This article will provide all the necessary information about the Basic Currencies as well as present all the Shop Currencies in Questland.


One of the most important currencies in game. Required to level up your gear. There are numerous sources of Eternium in game. The most important include:

  • Idle rewards
  • Loot in Campaign stages
  • Sending ships from Harbor on voyages
  • Smelting gear in the Forge
  • Buying Eternium packs in the Mall
  • Quest rewards

You can always retrieve a part of the invested Eternium by Dividing your gear. The amount of the Eternium retrieved depends on the type of the Divide Token you use.


Gold is the main currency for upgrading your orb level and purchasing items in the Mall and Item Shop. Gold can be collected from:

  • Idle rewards
  • City Bank
  • Loot in Campaign stages
  • Sending ships from Harbor on voyages
  • Quest rewards

Additionally, you can receive some gold from selling the excessive gear in the City’s Item Shop.


Although Gems can be considered as Questland’s premium currency and can be purchased via in-game offers, there are a few sources of free gems:

  • Fulfilling Daily Tasks in your Quests tab
  • Campaign and Quest rewards
  • Watching an ad in the Tavern
  • Receive them in Tavern and Jungle Spins
  • Tapping More on your Home screen will take you to Earn Gems tab with certain milestones to fulfill in exchange of Gems
  • Punching in Secret Codes of other players in More tab

Shop Currencies


Barrels are the currency used in the Barrel Shop. You can receive them by sending your ships from Harbor on voyages.


Stamps are the currency used in the Stamp Shop. You can receive them by fulfilling Daily Tasks or participating in the Daily Boss Challenge.

Guild Coins

Guild Coins are the currency used in the Guild Shop. Sources of Guild coins are:

  • obtaining them as rewards from your Guild Master for active Battle Event participation
  • making Guild Research donations


Honor is the currency used in the Honor Shop. You can receive it from active Arena battles as daily and seasonal rewards.


Medals are the currency used in the Event Shop during the Battle Event. Receive Medals from:

  • completing Campaign Battle Event stages
  • Battle Event Easy and Hard Boss fights

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