Basic Guild Guide

Guilds are one of the most prominent features of Questland. They promote social gaming experience that expands beyond the realms of Valia and incorporates the spirits of companionship and challenge.

Guilds are perfect places to forge alliances with other Heroes and create a community that can stand up to the Valia’s most dangerous enemies, Guild bosses. Guild Masters are considered to sit among the toughest heroes in Questland. Not only do their valiant efforts incorporate building up power to be reckoned with, but they also build up and manage their clans. However, before you dive in there, you need to get acquainted with the basics.

Joining a Guild is unlocked when your Hero reaches level 10.

After unlocking the Guild, you can enter the Guild List which enables you to choose or create your future Guild. Ticking the “Recommended” box will show you active Guild with ranks open for new members. “Join” button makes you a member of the chosen clan, whereas “Auto-join” makes that choice for you, assigning you at random to an active Guild.

Note: tapping the darkened “See requirements” buttons enables you to view Guild-specific conditions of joining in.

The main components of the Guild are:

  • Guild House – to make donations and research to so your clan can rise in strength and increase your Attack/Defense/Health/Magic stats
  • Guild Center – to view your Guild member ranks and stats
  • Announcements – a board where the Guild Master and his officers put up the essential information concerning Guild activities

The Guild screen also features:

  • Tent – to view your Hero’s fame perks and monitor fame level
  • Guild Shop – to buy cosmetics and other resources using Guild coins

Additionally, you can find the Guild chat icon at the bottom of the Guild screen. This will help you to communicate in real-time with other players, exchange tips and plan of conquering the Battle Events. It also displays essential updates about the status or actions of your Guild members.

To sum up

While joining a Guild, you need to make sure you are aware of its essential features. They are of vital importance during your venture into this exciting, social-gaming aspect of Questland experience.

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