The new Battle Event will now include Bosses!
But that’s not all! We’ve prepared quite a lot of new features. Here are the most important things you have to know:

  • The Multiplier is now the most important part of the event. You can equip items in the selected slots to multiply your statistics for all event battles
  • Not all of the gear pieces provide a multiplier. Every event we will select one featured Emblem (this time it’s the Beast emblem) and all items belonging to this emblem will provide multiplier depending on their quality
  • Apart from the Emblem, we will also select some items that will provide the highest Multipliers available. Some of them will be available by playing in the Event and some will be acquired from chests
  • You will be able to see the list of featured items in the Multiplier tab
  • The Campaign and the Bosses were balanced with the Multipliers in mind – so if you want to progress further you will have to increase your multiplier!
  • The Campaign Event will require the Event Campaign Tickets just as before (available from quests and crafts) but they will not be dropped from a regular Campaign or as an additional loot from chests.
  • The Campaign, besides Trophies, will now reward you with Medals (currency used in the new Trade Shop) and, what’s more important, with Boss Tickets
  • There are 2 types of Bosses – Warrior Type (inflicts physical damage) and Mage Type (inflicts magical damage & has higher defense, so you may need to use your magic skills to defeat it). Each Boss requires its own tickets. Both kinds of tickets are dropped randomly in the Campaign
  • If you are not able to defeat the Boss in one fight, don’t worry. You can always try again (and again!) until the Boss’ timer reaches zero. The countdown starts at the moment you attack the Boss for the first time, and when it reaches zero the boss will respawn with full HP.
  • If that’s not enough you can use Power Attack,which costs 3 tickets (instead of 1, like the regular attack) but provides you with 5 times as much health and dealt damage!
  • All rewards increase rapidly with Boss’ levels and campaign stages. After acquiring enough power to reach the high-level Bosses, you will be getting more Trophies and Medals from one fight, than from a dozen low-level fights!
  • Medals, that can be looted from Campaign and Bosses, are used as currency in new Trade Spot. You will need them to get the materials required for crafting special Event Gear and Event Orbs
  • The Event Gear will start as a “Token” – an item that provides multiplier but is not a gear piece. It can be put in any multiplier slot that requires gear. You will get your first Token from the first Milestone. Then it’s up to you to craft it into Epic Token and finally into a whole Gear piece. The additional Tokens can be acquired randomly as an additional drop from Event Chests, so you can craft multiple copies of the Event Gear and boost it. Providing you feel like it, of course
  • The rare Event Orb is available in the Spend milestone. Once you have it you may craft it into the Epic and then Legendary version.
  • The Tickets, Medals and all Materials will reset every week, so there is no point in “saving” them for future events

Since it’s the first version of the Event we will very much appreciate your feedback! Also keep in mind that some elements may change from one event to another, so read in-game news every now and then. We will keep you posted about all important modifications!

Have fun!


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