Beginner’s Guide || The Battle Event

Everything a new player needs to know about the weekly Battle Event, put in a neat and rather large nutshell!

Battle Event || What is that exactly?

Battle Events are weekly Events that happen in Valia. They provide great rewards and are a way of progressing your Hero. All players should try their best when it comes to the Battle Event, as the rewards you get are relative to how well you do! To join the Battle Event, press the area in the middle of the Home screen that says “Battle Event”.

Battle Events have individual rankings, and Guild rankings. For maximum rewards, be sure you’re part of an active Guild, as the higher you place as a Guild, the more rewards your Guild Master will receive to be distributed to everyone.

Battle Event || How it Flows

You start with a set pool of Campaign, Easy Boss, Hard Boss, Multi Boss and Guild Boss tickets. Campaign, Easy and Hard Boss tickets regenerate over time, while Multi and Guild Boss tickets are a set number for the whole event. 

For each boss you have different rewards:
Easy & Hard Boss -> Event Trophies, Medals and Guild Trophies
Multi Boss -> Easy and Hard Boss tickets
Campaign -> Easy and Hard Boss tickets + Medals
Guild Boss -> Guild Trophies

Battle Event || Multiplier

The most important aspect of a Battle Event outside of strategy is your Multiplier. What is it you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it says, a multiplier that’s applied to your Hero Power when fighting any of the Battle Event Bosses. 

Where can you get those items?

Well, that’s simple but it might be a bit confusing when you do your first Battle Event.  Every Tuesday have a look at your Quest Events. Those quests give you tier rewards, the higher tier rewards can contain the promoted gear.

Another way of receiving promoted gear and orbs is to go to your Grand Event screen and start opening chests for Gems. Those have a % chance of dropping the promoted gear.

Once the Battle Event starts you also have an option of buying Multiplier items with your rewards from fighting the bosses, and also Craft some of them in the forge. 

Additionally you can purchase offers containing certain promoted gear and items.

Battle Event || The Bosses

As you know, the most important part of the Battle Event are the Bosses. And there’s 4 of them… Each one is different in it’s own way and provide different rewards, As you’ve seen in the flow chart at the top of the page.

There’s a couple different ways you can smack a boss around. Strike(x2) & Super Strike(x6). The number is how many tickets you will spend on the fight, in simple terms, the Super Strike makes the fight much easier as it increases your overall Battle Power 5x compared to using Strike.

There will come a point where even a 6x is not enough to beat the boss. If that is the case, you can go back a level or two and start smacking the weaker boss around, farming your rewards. Keep in mind also that even if you die after doing damage to the boss, he will not regenerate health for a while. This means you can engage in a single boss battle multiple times, beating the boss with more tickets.

Another part of the fights, is how many you times do you need to fight the boss. Each boss has a separate number of “Stages” and the battles get harder the further up you go.

  • Easy Boss – 100 Stages
  • Hard Boss – 140 Stages
  • Multi Boss – 50 Stages
  • Guild Boss – 150 Stages

Battle Event || Crafting & Shop

Here is the part that might be a bit confusing at first but makes sense later and is essential to your success in the Battle Event. In short, you can craft certain Promoted Orbs, Gear and Tokens that will increase your Multiplier early in the battle event as well as gifts for players from your guild. All crafting is done in the Crafting Tab that you can easily be access from the Battle Event Screen.

Another part is the Medal shop. When you start your Battle Event and do battle with the bosses, you will receive medals, check out the flowchart at the beginning of the guide to see where you can get those from exactly. Those medals can yield some rewards from the Medal Shop. Make sure to check those items out as they can make or break your multiplier.

You can also get more tickets and packs of items for gems in the shop. This should also be something you should do as it’s the easiest way of obtaining certain gear for the Battle Event.

Battle Event || In a Nutshell

Here are some pointers that sum up how to get started with taking part in a Battle Event. They sum up everything in this Guide and some good practices.

  1. Easy and Hard Bosses are for your personal ranking.
  2. The Campaign yields Tickets for the bosses and medals for the Medal Shop
  3. Start by fighting the Easy and Hard Boss as the rewards they give will potentially increase your Hero Power and Multiplier
  4. Tickets that regenerate over time, do so every 15 minutes.
  5. Don’t waste your tickets on Super Striking the boss to early, good practice is to use Super Strike if it takes 3 Battles to kill the Boss
  6. If you want to milk your Multiplier to the max, make sure to take part in the Quest Events over the week, they land you some neat rewards and promoted items.
  7. Strategize with your guild on how you will fight the Guild Boss, don’t just “Leeroy Jenkins” it
  8. Don’t awaken the gear that you will not use after the Battle Event, instead Boost it to get more Multiplier out of it.

Thank you for having a read. It took a bit to remake the old Battle Event guide and make it stick with everything that’s new so we decided to re-make the whole thing from scratch. Now, instead of just writing a new one in a couple of years we will be updating this guide as new updates and changes come along. 

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