• Community Fan-art

    “Art is eternal, but life is short” – Evelyn de Morgan

    Some members of our Discord community have shown prowess in their artistic skill. They took it upon themselves to draw some of our most prominent members on Discord, based on their skin selection within Questland itself.

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  • Love in the land of Quests

    There are heroes and villains in Questland, there are epic adventures and vicious monsters, there’s magic and sword fighting and legendary weapons. All we were missing, really, was a good love story.

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  • Guild Recruitment

    The Questland Guild Recruitment posts will allow Guild Masters to seek new players and advertise their clans in a more visible way. If you wish to have your ad posted in a similar way, contact the Community Manager on Questland official Discord channel.

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    Welcome to the newest addition to Questland Blog: Players’ Corner, where we will feature materials based on content written by Questland Players. This time we will focus on Questland weaponry with help of top 1 player on US region: WANCHAN. Thank you, Wanchan!Read More