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Chests are a key feature in Questland. They are the main method of obtaining powerful new Gear. There are lots of different types of chests, each with it’s own unique drop rate and items. Some chests require keys to open, and others are opened by using Gems. In this article, we’ll go through all of the different kinds of chests in Questland.



We’ll begin with the chests in the Shop tab. You’ll see this tab in-between Quests and More on the bottom of the screen. Go to Shop > Chests.

Once there, you’ll see three chests: Eternal, Golden, and Silver Gear chests. Each chest uses a different type of key to open. If using a key, no Gems are required to open the chest.

Note: To see the rarity drop rates of chests in-game, press the circled i icon.

Eternal Chests

  • Contain Rare, Epic, and Legendary Gear.
  • Can be opened for free once every 24 hours.
  • Uses Eternal Keys.
  • Guaranteed Legendary item every 10th chest open.
  • Costs 300 Gems to open if you don’t have a key.

Drop rates for Eternal Gear Chest:


Golden Chests

  • Contains Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Gear.
  • Can be opened for free once every 24 hours.
  • Uses Golden Keys.
  • Costs 100 Gems to open if you don’t have a key.

Drop rates for Golden Gear Chest:


Silver Chests

  • Contains Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Gear.
  • Can be opened for free once every 10 minutes, 3 times a day..
  • Uses Silver Keys.
  • Costs 50 Gems to open if you don’t have a key.

Drop rates for Golden Gear Chest:



Multi Chests

There is one more chest available in the Shop tab. This is the Multi Chest. It’s loot depends on the key you open it with. This can be Orb Keys, Legendary Event Keys, specific set keys such as the powerful Thunderbear & Atlantis Key, and more!


When you click on the empty Multi Chest slot, you’ll see a list of keys you have to be used. In this case, we can use a Legendary Ice Key.


Keys & Keyparts

You can check how many keys you have by going to Hero > Items.

There are two things you need to look out for: Keys and Keyparts. Keyparts must be Merged in order to receive a usable key.

  • Silver Keypart: 5 parts to make 1 Silver Key.
  • Golden Keypart: 15 parts to make 1 Golden Key.
  • Eternal Keypart: 30 parts to make 1 Eternal Key.

A good way to get Eternal Keyparts is from the Daily Boss Challenge. You can also get Keyparts from the Campaign, as well as from the Lucky Spin Wheel.


Event Chests

The best chests in the game are the chests found in the weekly Grand Event. To get to these, just go to Home > Grand Event (The Zeppelin in the air).

Once there, you’ll see a lot of tabs with different things. We want to focus on the tabs that say Event Call as these are the Event Chests. Be aware of the timer on top of the chests, as that indicates how long the chest will be around.

These chests contain special promoted items and can only be opened with Gems. In the example above, opening the chest costs 500 Gems. The chest contains only Epic and Legendary Gear, as noted by the symbol on the right of “Reward List”.

Here are the drop rates of items in this Event Call chest. Note: The Reward List displays some of the items you can pull from the chest, and is not a list of every item that can be obtained.


Another type of Event Call Chest is the Emblem Chest. These chest are slightly different than the other Event Call chest we mentioned. The difference is that these have Rare, Epic, and Legendary Gear instead of just Epic and Legendary. The Good thing is that some of the Rare/Epic/Legendary Gear has the current Event BE Emblem, so they’ll help you out in getting a better multiplier for the Battle Event.

In addition to this, there is a chance that you’ll get an Emblem Token in addition to whatever item you pull from the chest. Here are the drop rates for this type of chest:


The next type of Event Call Chest is the Orbs & Parts type. These mostly give you Legendary Gear Parts, but there is also a small chance of  pulling a strong Legendary Orb. You can either draw one at a time for 200 Gems each draw, or draw x10 for 2000 Gems.

Here are the drop rates for the Orbs & Parts Chest:


The final type of Event Call Chest is one that changes over time the more you draw. These chests start at 300 Gems a draw and have multiple tiers. Every next chest tier will cost more Gems but will also grant a chance to get better rewards (like the current promoted Event items!) and up to an x8 better chance at getting Promoted Gear + overall higher chances for Legendary rewards.

The one everyone starts with costs 300 Gems.

  • 1% chance to get promoted Gear.
  • 40% to get Legendary Gear.

After 5 purchases the chest will upgrade to the 2nd Tier.

This chest costs 500 Gems.

  • 2% chance to get promoted Gear.
  • 45% chance to get Legendary Gear.
  • Additionally, this chest includes the chance to get the special Battle Event Multiplier Gear!

After 10 more purchases, you will reach the 3rd tier.

This chest costs 1000 Gems.

  • 4% chance to get promoted Gear.
  • 60% chance to get Legendary Gear!
  • This tier includes everything the previous did and also the second new, promoted Gear.

After 15 more purchases, you will reach the last, 4th tier. This is the final tier and you can purchase an unlimited amount.

This chest costs 1500 Gems.

  • 8% chance to get promoted Gear.
  • 75% to get a Legendary Gear!

Sometimes there can be two of these types of chests available at once. The chests are separate—reaching a tier on one will not mean that you will be at that tier in the other chest.

That’s a lot of information, so here’s an image with all the drop rate information:



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