In Item Shop you can buy Gear (uncommon and rare qualities), Parts (epic and legendary) and Materials.
Most things in the shop costs gold.
Once you buy something in the Shop, its slot remains empty till the next Shop reload.

Stock and prices of the Item Shop can be affected by Events.

Shop Reload

Occurs automatically every 3 hours. Reload refreshes all slots in the shop – most products will change, and empty slots will be replenished. You can also force reload by paying Gems (amount limited by VIP level).


You can sell unwanted gear and get some gold. But be careful because this process is irreversible.


There are 3 different types of Trade Shops: Barrel Shop, Stamp Shop and Honor Shop. Each has its own unique currency that can be gathered at different places.

  • Barrel Shop uses Barrels as currency, you can get them by completing Voyages.
  • Stamp Shop uses Daily Stamps as currency, you can get them by completing Daily Tasks.
  • Honor Shop uses Honors as currency, you can get those in the Arena.

Purchase limit and Reload

Everything sold in Trade Shops have purchase limit – either daily (resets every day) or general (lasts till the reload).
Barter shops reload twice a week, time till next reload can be seen at the bottom of the tabs.



Grants you a chance to win valuable rewards. First 2 spins every day are free, next cost Spin Token or gems. Gem price increases with every daily purchase (resets every day at night) and number of purchases is limited by VIP level.
If you have many Spin Tokens you can spin multiple time, it’s convenient feature that will save you time spend on clicking same button multiple times.


Twice a day you can watch video ad and get 75 Gems.
Sometimes ad networks does not provide any ads for you – in that case you can try later on next day.


Using Free Stew adds 10 energy and is not counted as Stew in your daily usage limit. Stews are served at 5pm and 11pm of your local time.


You can change appearance and even sex of your Hero. Change is free of charge and not limited. It does not affect anything but visual aspect of your character.
Changes made in Barber Shop are automatically saved when you leave it.


The source of passive income of Gold.
Gold in the bank is generated at the rate that depends on your hero’s level up to the maximum bank capacity (which also rises with every hero’s level). Once amount of the gold reaches max, it stops generating.

Claiming gold transfers all gold from the bank to your hero. You can also claim 50% more gold than you currently have in bank, by watching an Ad. Claiming gold from the bank is unlimited.



Completing Voyages alows you to get Gold, Eternium, Barrels (used in Barrel Shop) and even Eternal Key!

The ship you send on the Voyage is autonomous – that means that your hero is not blocked in any way while there’s Voyage active! However, there can be only one voyage active at any time.
Once completed rewards for the Voyage need to be claimed!


There are 5 voyages on the list. Each takes different time to complete.
The list is reloaded every 8 hours, when list reloads all unfinished or not claimed Voyages are lost. Only exception is the last remaining voyage on the list – it can be claimed even after the reload.

Finishing all voyages on the list is rewarded with additional Barrels and Eternal Key.

Once you finished all voyages on the list, you can reload it by paying Gems.


When running short on time you can immediately end a voyage by paying Gems (cost depends on the time you skip) or watching an Ad to skip 30 minutes of active Voyage.


Forge contains many important game fetures, including Reforge, Craft and Divide. For more detailed look please check other articles (links in the list below).

  • Craft
    Allows you to exchange unwanted gear and other items for rewards
  • Divide
    When you no longer use the gear you can Divide it to retrieve currencies spent on it.
  • Reforge
    Increase statistics of Gear, very important part of developing your Hero.
  • Smelt
    Destroy unwanted, low quality gear and get Eternium in process.


Task rewarded once you complete them. There are 3 types of quests: Quests, Daily Tasks and Earn Gems.


Simple tasks that are reset every day and are meant to guide you through daily routine in Questland. They don’t have rewards, but provide Points that are required to unlock rewards (seen above the tasks list).
One of the rewards is Daily Stamp used in Stamp Shop.

Both tasks and points reset every 24h (specific time depends on the region).


Typical RPG-style tasks. Every quest can be completed only once and usually leads to another one. They have short storylines, that can be seen when you tap the quest.

Quest can have pre-requirements, that have to be met in order to be able to receive quests. Those requirements usually are: Completing previous quests, Reaching hero level, Unlocking location in campaign.


Simple task rewarded with Gems, most of them is a measure of your game progress.

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