Collection and Scrolls!

Learn about your Hero’s Collections and how you can get the most out of them!

Collections are an important part of building up a powerful Hero. They can be a little confusing at first, but we’ll go through everything you need to know about them so you can make the best out of your Collections!


What Are Collections?

Collections are a collection of items that your Hero can display. Depending on which collection slots you show these items in, they will give you certain boosts to your stats, as well as synergize with your equipped Gear. There are two different Collections, simply named I and II. Each collection can hold up to 10 different items. More on that later.


Where Are They?

You can get to the Collection menu by going to Hero > Collection I/Collection II. You’ll need to scroll to the end of the different tabs, as they’ll be at the end, next to Items.


Once there, you’ll be presented with this screen.

You must be level 17 in order to unlock the first Collection slot. Each slot after that requires a higher and higher level. Under each slot you’ll notice an icon. The icon represents the stat that will be boosted when an item is placed into the slot.


In the first slot that is unlocked at level 17, the Magic icon is showing. Let’s see what happens if we add an item to the Magic slot. Before we do, to be able to use the slot, we must use up 5 Collection Scroll I.

Where do you get these Collection Scrolls you might ask? Well, we’ve made a whole blog post on Valuable Items. Just scroll down until you get to the Collection Scroll section and you’ll see the various methods of acquiring them.

You’ll see an open slot after using 5 Scrolls. Under the slot, you’ll also notice there are different stat icons. This area shows you how much your stats have increased from all of the items in your Collections.


Now, we’re ready to throw something in there! For this example, lets use the powerful Basilisk Pendant. This item leans towards Magic, due to its bonuses and strong Magic stat. Depending on the type of slot, you’ll want to use items that have Bonus Links that align with the slot. Magic Bonus for Magic slot, Attack Bonus for Attack slot and so on. You can see which slot is of what type by looking at the small icon under it.


After pressing the slot, you’ll get this interface showing you all of your Gear items, and their respective Magic stats for your convenience. If we place our Basilisk Pendant into the Collection slot that we unlocked, our Hero will gain Magic stats equal to a percentage of the Magic stat of the item placed in.

In this case, we can see that the slot will give 75% of the given stat type. All Collection slots start at 75% and can be upgraded individually to a maximum of 250%! But more on that later. For now, we’ll gain 75% of 5,335 (Magic stat of the Basilisk Pendant) totaling 4,001 added to our Hero Power!

When you unlock more slots, you can place more items, and depending on the type of slot, you’ll see your Hero getting stronger and stronger! It’s good to note that items should be level 1 when placed in the Collections. If they are over level 1, that is okay, but the Collections will take the base stats of the item as if it was level 1, so it is best to Divide any Collection Gear you plan on having so that you get your resources back.


Collection II

Collection II works the same way as Collection I, except the requirements to unlock the slots are higher. Think of it as a continuation of the Collection mechanic.

Another difference is that Collection I uses Collection Scrolls I, while Collection II uses Collection Scrolls II. They are slightly different so try not to get them confused! Here is what they both look like:

Collection Scroll I

Collection Scroll II

Once you have the level requirement, you’ll still need to use 5 Collection Scroll II to be able to place items in the slot. This is similar to the Collection I as well.


Upgrading Your Collections

You can increase the percentages of your Collection Slots by using the respective Collection Scrolls depending on which Collection you’re focusing on. To do this, press on Upgrade Slots in the middle of the Collection screen.


After pressing this, you can choose which slot to upgrade. Lets upgrade our current unlocked slot with the Basilisk Pendant. Simply press on the slot to get into the upgrade menu.


Upgrading will increase the percentage value taken from the Gear placed in the slot. In this example, we have 15 Collection Scroll I. We can either upgrade 1 scroll at a time, or do a maximum of x10 at once. Let’s use 10 scrolls to see the result.

After using 10 scrolls, we are left with 89.41% of the Magic stat added to our Hero. This means we’ve gone from 4,001 to 4,770. While it doesn’t sound like a lot, there are 10 slots in your Collection I and 10 slots in your Collection II. Each slot can give up to 250% of the item placed inside. These stats add up over time and are a great example of Questland’s Hero progression system. Small incremental changes that make a big different over time.


Bonus Links

Each Gear item has different bonus links that grant your Hero additional stats if the requirements are met. The Basilisk Pendant that we saw before has both Gear and Orb bonus links. For now, we’ll just focus on Gear bonus links.

The three items shown are The Dragonhorn, Ironstrike Gloves, and Venomous Spinner. To activate the Basilisk Pendant’s bonus links, we need to either have 2 of the 3 items Equipped OR in our Collections. If we wear or add two of these to our collections, then the Magic stat of the Basilisk Pendant will increase by 30%!

For this example, let’s place The Dragonhorn and Ironstrike Gloves, in our other Collection slots so we can gain this extra bonus link.


We’ll immediately notice that even though we added items for Health and Defense, our Magic stat bonus increased. This is because the bonus link was activated, and our Basilisk Pendant’s Magic stat was boosted by 30%. So, 5,335 +30% = 6935.5. Our Magic slot is taking 89.41% of this stat after upgrading the slot, meaning we have a grand total of 6,201 Magic stat increase from our Collections!


Again, remember that it doesn’t matter if the Gear is on our Hero, or in the Collections for the bonus link to activate. Lets move our Basilisk Pendant over to our Hero, and swap it for the Ironstrike Gloves. We’ll notice a few changes.


The main thing we’ll notice is that besides the Gloves not being as awesome as the Basilisk Pendant, we can see two white dots next to the two slots. This means that those two items are requirements to activate a bonus link for our main Equipped Gear! The goal of course is to have all of your Collection slots with items that help out your Equipped Gear for maximum gains.

To see the full potential of Collections, you’ll want to make sure that you have as many Bonus Links activated as possible. With a total of 20 Collection slots (10 from I, and 10 from II), there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to Bonus Links. These stats that are increased go straight to your Hero. Here is a before and after picture of our Hero with and without the items in the Collections.

Note: Our Basilisk Pendant is equipped, so the increase to our Magic stat is more than the 4,793 from the Collections since we activated a Bonus Link which makes the Pendant have +30% more Magic stat.


Other Important Tips

Collections are pretty complex, so here are a few other tips that might help you.

  • You can increase a Gear’s stats by Boosting it, and the Collections will take this Boost into account.
  • If you have Bonus Link items, it is better to have the higher Boosted items in your Collections and the lower Boosted items equipped.
  • Try not to put weapons (Main Hand/Off-Hands) into your Collections. While they might have high stats, they have no bonus links and will affect your Collection build later on. You want to maximize your Bonus Link potential.
  • Periodically use the Swap button by pressing a Gear in your Collections to see if you can replace it with a stronger Gear when you acquire new items.
  • If you’re unsure about what items to put into your Collections, you can always take a peek at top players in the Hall of Fame, as they will usually have very powerful and optimized Collections!
  • Collection Gear not only acts as items to activate Bonus Links of your equipped Gear, but you can activate Bonus Links of items in your Collections with other items in your Collections!

  1. When looking at an item’s Bonuses, here is what you might see. The first Gear is not “active, but has a dot under it. This means you own this Gear, but it is in your Items and is not being used in your Collections or is not equipped on your Hero.
  2. The second Gear has a white dot because you own this Gear, and is active (has more color), meaning that it is being used as a Bonus Gear piece. You can see the 1 out of 2 on the far right showing that one of the three Gears is going towards the Bonus.
  3. Finally, the third Gear has a puzzle icon next to it. This means you own this Gear, but it is in your Parts and needs to be Merged in order to be used in your Collections or equipped.

In this example above, we have all 3 Gear needed for the Gear Bonus (even though we only need 2 of them), yet only 1 is being used. Make sure you go through your Gear to see if you can activate their Bonus Links. You have have items waiting to be used that you haven’t realized yet!

As you can see, Collections can make a difference! They are an essential part of developing your Hero, so do not underestimate them, and try to optimize them the best you can! Good luck!

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