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The Community was recently taking part in a Lore Writing competition. They wrote some good pieces and the winner had their lore published as official. As a thank you and for everyone else to see, below you can find Who wrote the lore and the lore itself! It is unedited and posted as it was sent to us as to not change the meaning or format that was intended.


Back in the early days of humanity in Valia a war between kobolds broke out. King Vemqex accidentally insulted a friend of Emperor godess Bhring and the aftermath of that diplomatic fauxpas led to four years of constant fighting, four years of misery, death and despair. Most species were affected as at that time kobolds were in charge of most finance systems and them not being united in a greater goal cut of important trade routes. However, in the fifth year, negotiations between the two sides finally started. After many months of fruitless discussions they decided that only a duel of champions could stop this terror that diminshed their rows. So, on the first week of winter vemqex and Chromzuz, Bhrings son, she trained herself, faced off, surrounded by their armies. To impede any outside interference kobold children were positioned around them in a circle, as noone would harm them. The duel was long and fierce. Both sides had an advantage at some point, but neither managed to land the final blow. Then, after many hours something changed. The children got bored and started to throw snowballs at each other. Eventually they hit the warriors. Hell broke loose. Everyone started to throw snoballs at each other, completely disregarding their feuds and the combatants had to stop because of all the chaos. After a few hours the snow started to settle. Nobody was injured apart from minor bruises. Many remembered this day, remembered that the other side wasn’t actually any different and a few days after peace negotiations started again. This time they succeeded in settling their disputes and finally life in Valia could go on normally. The kobolds started to commemorate their reunion annually and other species joined in to the week-long celebration now known as the winter festival.


“There we go, into the vortex…”, I said, as my partner and I jumped into the danger. I mean, how bad can it be? It’s just another batch of monsters, and I can’t wait to show them my new blade. After a while of scouting the area, we got attacked by a bunch of assassins. That’s fine; my partner took them out with ease. We ran on through the storm, ready to strike whatever crossed our paths. Nearing the temple, we found some heavy guards, and decided to use a sneak attack. He took the left, I hit the right. I… fell… My partner noticed and took out the right guard too, but got hurt doing so. Well, at least we’re still alive. We continued into the darkness, deeper into the danger. We arrived at what looked like an altar. As we walked further in, it felt like we were being watched. We suddenly got struck by assassins with poisonous blades, which I reflected with my shield. As the assassins attacked again, my friend managed to slice one up, grab its blade and threw it at the other. It hit. It died. After we got back up onto our feet, we heard faint stomping, and it became louder. Every step. We raised our weapons, fearing the worst. It stepped into the light, and screamed. “Great, a screaming colossus.” my friend said. The colossus charged. As I managed to dodge it, my friend was less and took the hit, and got knocked out. As the colossus slowed down, I charged at its legs, and slashed them badly. I quickly did it again and again, until it fell, but then it grasped me… But then it screamed. My friend killed it. The colossus is gone. We’re free. Now that’s something to celebrate…


“Winter Festival: origins” 

This is the story of how the renowned Valia’s Winter Festival came to be. 

It happened a long time ago, after the elven kind sought refuge in the furthest lands of this world. New species came into existence and peace spread over this land. 

A night, centuries heretofore this day, exceptional winds and hailstorms came on the mountains around the  Winterhold. 

As if world’s weather was fighting its own – uncertain of what event would be most powerful – lightning struck the citadel and its roaring thunders rolled over Valia. 

Soon, lights as of fires were seen in these two remote, abandoned locations. 

Those few who at the time were trying to climb the mountains or cross the plains came back at once, telling  odd stories of fleeing monsters and creatures. None of the people living in Valia had ever seen the weather,  or the creatures, behave in such way. 

Rain and snow fell for a week after that night. Then, a period of wealth started. Everybody in Valia felt a  magic in the air, a breeze of luck and happiness. Long time enemies started being kinder to each other,  creatures let warriors across their territories and more thankful prays were offered to Valia’s creators for  such blessed times. 

It was soon all gone, though. 

So everybody was very surprised when the following year the storms came, the joyful magic returned. And  this happened every year since. 

It was in those ancient times that the then Capitol’s mayor, to honour such gifted, blessed, joyful weeks,  deliberated a fortnight of great celebrations called the “Winter Festival”, focused around the day called “Koni-Ku”, the Year End. 

To you all, the most sincere wishes of a wonderful Winter Festival.


Long time ago, there was an elf mage called Nwalmaer, he was one of the kindest hearted people  around, but he was so lonely. One day he decided to organize an event, an excuse to have as  much people in his tower as he could. People came from all over the country to enjoy the show,  they were laughing and having fun, and the wizard wasn’t lonely anymore, until the main event:  a fight for “Eternal glory”, for that game the elf crafted an artifact: a portal to other dimensions.  The mage wanted to impress his guests, but once opened the portal didn’t appear the construct, a  sparring robot good just to entertain the folks, but a gargantuan blue dragon. Clearly something  went wrong and the gate was overloaded, immediately the warriors in the arena were frozen to  the bone by that monstrosity and the bystanders started to scream out loud, Nwalmaer was shock  by that vision, after all he just wanted to be in good company for few days during the winter.  With this thoughts in his mind a new resolve took possession of his soul, he jumped off the stage  and run towards the dragon; who snorted his ice breath against him, an arcane shield appeared  in front of the mage, the folks shocked on the stands held the breath as a dazzling blue light  appeared in the center of the arena. Great was the dismay when, once the dust disappeared,  nothing remained in the arena, the spectators were silent, before bursting into a cry of joy,  Nwalmaer stood in the center of the arena frozen in a dreamless sleep. Since then, the population  has paid tribute to the wizard every year with many games and performances, so that he was no  longer alone during the winter festival…


Last story cannot be published on this blog due to its contents and possible triggering factors. I apologize for this.

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