Community weapon designs

Designing a weapon is no easy task. Questland’s creative directors take particular pride in the art form they present. Here’s the Community’s take on what armaments should be included in the game.

Elmntwater’s Dolphin Warhammer

Author’s original description: Meet the Dolphin Warhammer. Created from the angry brought forth by the bastard dolphins that left earth after eating our planets fish and flying off into space to be on their own. Why must they treat us like fools? Well we took one of their offspring and showed them what for, use this to decimate your enemies and show them the answer to the universe is you!

Q Team: A crude, yet powerful imagery depicting an obscure tale of perpetual conflict and revenge. An unwelcome sensation of necessary discomfort accompanies viewing Elmntwater’s entry.

Erza’s Twinlight Sickle

Author’s original description: It looks highly impractical, but don’t be deceived. It is possible to use it two-handed, but very few know how.

Q Team: That’s some nice doodles over there with some Prince of Persia vibe to it. Old school paint style. Gotta love the shaky grip.

Draugluin’s Weapon Set

Author’s original descriptions: Grandma’s Love LVL 100. A Grandma’s job is to always make sure her nephew is well fed and always warm. But a bad nephew gets the cane and no designer Christmas scarf.
Megacolon LVL4. Paralyzes your enemies and also your bowel movements!
Sugar Liberator LVL 12. Halloween season is upon us. What better way to destroy your enemies and make them faint than with 3 high doses of rapid Insulin!
Daddy’s Secret Talent LVL 33. You’re Confused, the enemies stunned… CHANCE! Attack Attack Attack!

Q Team: Megacolon FTW! Daddy’s Secret Talent looks charming, we would like to have a weapon like that. Awesome stylish designs with a certain warmth to them. We don’t know how to explain it, but whenever we look at them, we feel like home.

Hotpie’s Astro Corrupter

Author’s original description: Behold the blade that shifts the passages of time, against the will of the time lord. Thee who wields this sword yields the power to warp the battle event start and end times, opening a wormhole and changing the course of time as we know it. From chaos, The Time Corruptor brings order.

Q Team: One cannot remain unimpressed by the stuff you did to the weapon’s LVL. Really nice touch. Makes the weapon feel “complete”.” Remarkable old-school paint shading on the planets are also worth mentioning.

MysticMike’s Fluffy on a Stick

Author’s original description: While adorable, Fluffy was providing little use to his traveler before being made into a weapon that will show just how crazy it’s wielder is.

Q Team: Community Manager: Sorry, I’m gonna bench you with this one. It’s my personal no 1 choice due to impeccable (poor) Fluffy’s facial expression, rough style and kindergarten approach. The designer clearly channels his inner child and vents some serious emotions through the image he created. And, simply put, it’s just so dumb and funny…

nobody’s Soul Displacer and Paper Mache Sword

Author’s original description: Soul Displacer LVL 99. A ruby bladed scythe forged from the souls harvested over centuries, this implement of vengeance has been used to commit countless acts of violence. Blood and sinew cannot quench its thirst. Only the misery and cries of its enemies falling before it seems to placate it temporarily. Are you brave enough to wield this vicious weapon or will you fall victim to it?
The Paper Mache Sword (LVL 2) is crafted from the finest parchment and magical inks. All mages will want one instead of letting their leftover collection scrolls gather dust.

Q Team: Fine writing skills over here. Although brief, the stories you provided for the weapons are coherent and perfectly match the pastel approach you adopted for your doodles.

wojciu331’s Crazy Hopper Project

Author’s original description: Emblem – Nature. It’s a well-known kind of talisman that improves your agility skills. Jump to the sky or even higher while dodging your opponent’s attack, then do a quick turn and a backstab.

Q Team: Spot on reference to the Emblems. A simplistic sketch, but most creative in the area of organic weapons/helpers. Very surprising concept art and distinctive style.

Zobak’s Homemade Warhammer of Deathtitude

Author’s original description: Have you ever thought to self, “Me big tough Orc! Why I let puny humans push me around? I wish I could afford fancy human weapons like magic sword”. Well look no further than your most recent dead enemy! Step 1: Rip off armored head of puny human Step 2: Rip off armored leg of puny human. Step 3: Slam armored foot of puny human into mouth of puny human’s armored head. It that simple!!! Now you scare puny humans before ever even having to fight! This weapon REAL “head turner” on battlefield!

Q Team: Most amusing and strangely captivating. Brutal, yet gentle. We could delve into the arbitrary nature of this work for many days. Moreover, the facial expression of the unfortunate “head” is gold. Quite the high level as well…

ZombieKat’s Merciful Retribution

Author’s original description: An all purpose weapon for fighters torn between healing and hurting Talents. 33% to heal 25% total health when the hearts launch. 33% to freeze opponent for 2 rounds when snowballs launch. 33% to inflict 25% damage to 1 opponent with 25% shield ignore. Weapon will activate every 3rd round, regardless of Talents selected or used. = each special skill has 1/9 chance of occurring.

Q Team: Respect for math and all the calculations you had to make to make your description plausible. Uncomplicated, charming, heart whipping design.

|||ABE|||’S Arc Angel and The Truth

Author’s original description: So the swords name is “The Truth”. It’s made with the most powerful bosses eyes. I made the grip like this because it’s remind me the ying and the yang. Basically the eyes of the bosses revels the good and the bad of everything. The color: So the sword itself can be a dark purple The inside of the eye a dark green to light green radiant, or a different color radiant for each eyes And the grip half a light color and half a dark color, like the ying and the yang. And inside the eye the iris can be like a snake or cat iris.

Q Team: ABE sent us 8 designs in total. Sorry, but there is not enough space to fit them all. Additionally, pen-and-paper technique was used which was not a part of the competition… All is forgiven, don’t worry 😉 We have selected two of them which are at the same time the only two out of the entire bunch we could ever use in Questland. Good job, detailed descriptions, shows some potential.

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