We have introduced four new armor sets into the game. They are quite different from each other, so that each of our players can find something that suits them best. Each one of those sets has its own, unique character and – what’s most important – really high statistics.

Bonuses in each piece of gear have been divided to: magic and defense and attack and defense. You can find a more detailed description of new gear below.



Emblem: Noble

Detalis: This set is a proposition for all of those, who search for noble elegance, but still feel knights at heart. Powerful, multi-layered iron construction guarantees pefect protection in the toughest of battles. Topped with delicate Lion-shaped headpiece.

Construction: Attack – Defense

Best Gear: Ironjaw, potential 59. This item has the biggest attack statistics in the game.

Matching orbs: Irresistible Strength, Heavenly Wrath, Forged by Gods, Majestic Roar, Goldenscale, Celestial Fortitude, Predator Protection, Stunning Stamina, Holy Light, Meteorite Might, Ancestral Formula



Emblem: Hex

Description: Dark and horrifying, Hexodus is a dream set for all heroes who are not afraid to play with dark magic and wish for witchcraft to be their forte. Strengthen with protective spells, Hexodus offers great defense and durability. Black as a raven, fortified with deadly formulas, and ornamented in the style of worst nightmares, Hexodus is perfect for all dark souls out there.

Construction: Magic – Defense

Best Gear: Black Prophet, potential 58. Hexodus set has the bigger amount of items with Magic bonus in the game.

Matching orbs: Infernal Intentions, Corpse Combustion, Arcane Agony, Poisonous Strike, Feral Cry, Thornborn, Third Eye Intuition, Ghastly Glee, Shadowalker, Fate’s Favorite, Ritual Prophecy




Emblem: Abyss

Description: Endless power hidden in seas and oceans – that’s what this set is all about. Sturdy and beautifully made, Seasnake combines Viking’s rage with full force of water spirit. Ornaments with sea monsters and predator fur complete the look and give the whole set savage and vigorous appearance.

Construction: Attack – Defense

Best Gear: Kraken’s Gaze, potential 58. Fjord Runners, Odin’s Horns – two items with the highest number of Defense points in the game.

Matching orbs: Darkdoom, Behemoth Blast, Titan Invasion, Lunar Frenzy, Shadow Army, Cerberus Portal, Corsair Shanty, Serpent Stigma, Shadow Gaze, Ice Exhalation, Tentacle Thaumat, Kraken’s Grip


Emblem: Thunder

Description: Pure power, that’s what your enemies will feel while gazing at your Thunder Tyrant armor. Embellished in gold and lightings symbols, Thunder tyrant offers powerful magical protection combined with force of thunderbolts. It’s a great choice for all heroes who think of themselves as fighters and winners, but also want to rely on magic during combat.

Construction: Magic – Defense

Best Gear: Armor of Lightings, potential 58. Ashes to Ashes Ward. This item has the highest number of Magic points from all items available in the game.

Matching orbs: Heaven’s Wrath, Hellriser Devastation, Thunder Monarch, Blast Beast, Firefall, Glacier Gate, Divine Assist, Holy Father Ward, Dark Soul, Dark Ressurection, Unshaken Hero, Medusa’s Gaze


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