New deadly creatures are headed your way! Learn more about them to have an advantage in battle!

Can you smell war in the air? The horde is coming! It’s time to get ready and learn more about new enemies and their sneaky skills. Here are some examples of new monsters that will be introduced in the new gameplay update, as well as some familiar faces with new skills:



The queen of webs and wicked is here and she means business! The mighty Ghargantula has two spider minions close by to aid her in battle—Fire Spitter and Venom Pest. When you encounter Ghargantula, you’ll want to focus your attacks on her. If you take out her minions first, there is a chance she’ll stay alive long enough to use her ability Come Back To Mama and revive one of her spiders! Spiders are weak but can be annoying. Venom Pest can poison you with its fangs, while Fire Spitter can burn you using its magic-based skill! Take out the Boss first, and then focus on the smaller spiders to ensure they don’t get revived.


Active Skills

Queen Web Strike – Melee attack on a single enemy. 70% of this attack damages your HP, while the rest (30%) goes to your Shield. In addition to this, there is a 20% chance that she will Stun you for 2 rounds. She will use this attack every 3 turns.

Come Back To Mama – On the 9th turn, instead of using QWS, Ghargantula can revive one of her minions!




Archents are incredibly skilled in arcane combat thanks to runic magic running in their branches. Those wooden are masters of both melee and magic. His massive roots pack a punch. He’s also able to use strong magic attacks by honing in his knowledge of Ancient Nature Energy. Take note of which style he’ll be attacking with, as his Passive Skills can cause a lot of damage if you buff him. You’ll want to start out with a Magic attack (blue spirit) since it will buff Archent’s magic, and his first attack is always melee-based. After this, use a melee attack to buff his melee when he’s attacking with Magic. Archent attacks every 3 turns, so choose your spirits wisely!


Active Skills

Root Thump – Melee attack on a single enemy. 40% of this attack will damage your HP, and the rest (60%) goes to your Shield. Archent can use this attack every 3 turns.

Ancient Nature Energy – Magic attack on a single enemy. 70% of this attack will damage your HP, and the rest (30%) goes to your Shield. Archent will use this attack every 6 turns.

Passive Skills

Melee Absorb – When attacked with red spirits (Melee), his Melee damage is increased for the next round.

Magic Absorb – When attacked with a blue spirits (Magic), his Magic damage is increased for the next round.


Troll Rider


Three words to describe a Troll Rider? Big, strong, sturdy. His troll’s skin is known to be one of the most durable materials in the world of Valia. That’s why the Troll Rider has a lot of HP. Alone, he wouldn’t be a threat, but he has the help of his mount, a fierce troll, to help him in battle. It’ll be really difficult to kill him with conventional methods. The Goblins that surround Troll Rider have a bag of explosives nearby. Killing the minions sets off their explosives and deal damage to Troll Rider. On top of this, Troll Rider has the ability to resurrect his friendly minions! When one of Troll Rider’s friends goes down, he’ll gain a lot of melee resistance, making it even more difficult to hurt him. You’ll want to use the exploding Goblin minions to your advantage by causing them to explode and hurt Troll Rider! Don’t focus on attacking Troll Rider. He’s too strong. Focus on the smaller minions, and you’ll have explosive results!

Active Skills

Blood Desire – Melee attack on a single enemy. 80% of this attack will damage your HP, and the rest (20%) goes to your Shield. He can do this attack every 4 turns.

Passive Skills

Resurrecting Friends – Immediately resurrects a fallen ally.

Armor Up! – After a friend is killed, grants self 80% melee resistance.





Don’t make a mistake: a Genie is a friendly ghost living in a lamp (usually). A Genieus is an evil entity determined to destroy anyone in his way – that means YOU. Also – one Genieus was moderately easy to defeat. Now, there will be three Genieus bosses. A single Genieus isn’t too bad. However, with three of them helping each other out, it’s better to focus your attacks on one so that you limit the amount of Genieuses healing each other. Don’t let their sharp claws fool you! Their Magic attacks are very strong and will go through most of your Shield, so be aware of that. Take these bad boys out one by one and they’ll be wishing they could rewind time!


Active Skills

Force Woosh – Magic attack on a single enemy. 90% of this attack will damage your HP, and the rest (10%) goes to your Shield. A Genieus will do this attack every 1 turn.

Brotherly Heal – Heal random friend by a percentage of their max HP. They will do this heal every 2 turns.


Other New Monsters!

Here are just a few of the new monsters you might run into in the new update.


Scrounger Toad & Slimy Thief

Are they related? Who cares. Knowing that would only make your job harder. These frog minions can really mess up your strategy, so watch out! They don’t have any means of hurting you, but what they can do might be worse than that! These pesky frogs can destroy your spirits, and even replace some of your spirits with another color! You will find them alongside other enemies throughout your journey. Because of this, it’s a good idea to take them out ASAP. If you let them live for too long, you’ll find your spirit board looking a little different than you remember. Suddenly down a couple of red spirits? It’s not a bug, it’s the frogs!


Kamikaze Goblins

Some love to play with butterflies and some love to play with fire. Our Goblins are in the second group – they are addicted to gunpowder and the word KABOOM. Bad news: these new Goblins carry explosives with them that can deal you a lot of damage. Good news: it can also deal a lot of damage to themselves and their allies! Each one has a slightly different style of… exploding. Some use Melee-based explosion attacks, while others can use Magic-based explosion attacks. They all have the Passive Skill Friendly Fire, which means that after death, they will damage their friends! Use this to your advantage to cause chaos and gain an advantage in battle. Their own weapons will be their demise!


Watch these monsters in action in this video!

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