Gather your party and #StayAtHome

For those of you who respond to #stayathome by gathering your party and setting out on an epic adventure, where monsters abound, heroes rise to the occasion, and fates can be changed with a roll of a die, we offer new monsters, spells, and magical items gallore.

In the below download you’ll find the Questland-themed supplement to the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Guide to Questland

Questland owes a lot to the spirit of adventure of pen and paper roleplaying games and today we pay homage to them by bringing you the stats for Hecatombus and the Bearbarian.Let us know what you think  – the stats could use some playtesting, so we’d love to hear your take on the items and monsters. And if you’d like to see more of the like, definitely let us know, on Facebook or Discord. Are there weapons you’d like to incorporate in your home games? Have we missed your favourite talent-turned-spell? And should Barbarian Bob be on the list of the monsters?

Keep safe, #stayathome, roll some dice!

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