Gear and Orb Help Guide VOL.1 has arrived! Here you can find out more information about the use of and purpose of items in their different qualities.


Most important items in Questland. Gear can be equipped either on Hero or in Collections.
Each piece of gear has a Potential and 4 statistics (same as Hero). The statistics can be improved by: Upgrading, Boosting, activating Bonuses and Reforging.


Gear can have either Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary quality. The higher the quality, the more statistics gear has. However, even same quality gear can have quite different statistics, especially when upgraded to max. level.


A number describing how much gear statistics will rise with each upgrade. However it does not say anything about statistics distribution (how much will each of the 4 basic statistics increase), which is a very important factor.


Emblem marks “family” a piece of gear belongs to. More about emblems here.


Upgrading gear increases its statistics by a number equal to gear’s potential per level. Maximum gear upgrade equals 2 x hero’s level.
Upgrading costs Eternium and Gold, both can be partially retrieved later by Dividing.
Upgrading gear also increases its Reforge Points.


You can use duplicates of gear to boost it. Boosting consumes the duplicate and increases all statistics of boosted gear by 1%. This boost also includes statistics added by Reforge. Also Boost adds Reforge Points, which allows you to Reforge Gear put in your Collections.
Gear consumed during Boosting can be later retrieved with Dividing.
Boosted gear has special, animated frame on icon.

Bonus Links

Every piece of gear, other than Main Hand and Off Hand, is linked with other pieces of gear. Those links are called Bonus Links (short: Bonuses) and when active, they  increase one of gear’s statistics by given percentage.
To activate a bonus, you need to have required piece of Gear equipped, either on hero or in Collections. Some links require Orbs – in that case the orb must be docked in the same slot as the gear.
Active Bonuses increase gear statistics, including those from Reforge. If more than one bonus increases one statistic, their effect adds up (but not multiplies).

Passive skills

Main Hands and Off Hands of rare and higher quality have Passive Skills. It means, that they has special perks, which will passively activate during combat when criteria are met (e.g. hero’s Health is below given percentage). Every skill has a detailed description describing what its mechanism and, activation and timing.
It is generally good idea to match skills with your gameplay style, hero’s statistics or even opponent’s stats!


You can toggle your helmet by taping on hero’s head – it will then become invisible.

Helmets, Armors, Gloves, Boots, Main and Off Hands are visible on Hero.
Gear visuals have only aesthetic meaning – it does not, and never will, have any implications on the power, or skills, of possessed gear. There is also no way to change or affect the visual of one’s gear.


Allows you to increase specific statistics of your gear. Requires Reforge Powder and Gold or Gems. Reforging using Gems yield better result – you can add more statistics with same amount of Reforge Powder.

Reforge Points

Reforge points can be turned into gear statistics by performing Reforge. They are specific to the gear and come from Upgrading and Boosting it.


After you tap Reforge one of 3 things can happen:

  • Points will be added to one of statistics
  • Points will be added to one of statistics, but other (smaller value) will be subtracted from another stat. This happens once you have allocated enough statistics from Reforge.
  • Same amount will be added to one statistics and subtracted from other – this happens when gear does not has any Reforge Points.

In every case you have to accept or decline the result.

If you decline you will not get used currencies back  (except Reforge powder after you Divide a gear, which grants back the powder spent even on not accepted Reforges)

Reforge and bonuses

The most important thing to keep in mind while reforging, is that gear’s bonuses work on the statistics from Reforge. So if you have, for example, gear with active total 60% bonus to adding 100 points to Attack will turn into a impressive +160 hero’s statistic increase!


Dividing allows you to retrieve currencies spent on the gear you no longer use.  It can be found by going into City -> Forge.

Dividing requires Divide Token – those come in 2 qualities:

  • Common token allows you to retrieve 80% of spent currencies;
  • Rare Token returns 95%.

When dividing you will also get back the gear itself and – if it was boosted – gear used to boost it. In this case every gear will be returned in form of parts.

Gear Parts

Players can gather gear Parts. Once there is enough pieces gathered, you can combine them into a whole piece of gear. Amount of required parts depends on the quality:

  • 30 for Legendary and Epic
  • 15 for Rare
  • 10 for Uncommon
  • 5 for Common


Orb (when docked) increase one of hero’s statistics. There are 3 types of orbs, each increasing a different statistic: Health, Attack, Defense.
Orbs also come in qualities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The higher the quality, the more statistics an orb has.

You can get orbs at Events, Trade Shops, Crafts and Quests.


Potential tells you, how much statistic an orb will get with each upgrade level.


Upgrading an orb increases its statistics by amount equal to its potential. Maximum orb upgrade level equals hero’s level x2. Upgrading orbs costs Gold. Once you upgrade an orb you can not retrieve used gold.


You can use other orbs and Essences to enhance an orb. Enhancing increases orb’s statistics by 5% per enhance level.
Each enhance level requires more Orbs or Essences. While enhancing you can see a progress bar, that shows how much do you need for the next level.
Essences and Orbs of higher qualities are more powerful when used in enhance (ie. you need less of them for the same effect).
Orbs and essences used as enhance material are not retrievable, however if you use enhanced orb as a material, it will work better than a base one (however not that good enough, to enhance orbs especially for that use).


Essences are items that are used to enhance orbs. There are 3 types of essences (Health, Attack, Defense), each can be used to enhance corresponding type of orbs only. Essences come in different qualities, higher qualities have more effect than lower (smaller amount is required for the same level of enhance). Essesces can be found in “Items” tab. 

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