Get Crafty and #stayathome

Looking for a fun crafts project? Want to get creative? And would you like to win some gold and gems? We have a deal for you!

Use the links below the post to download our papercraft projects – paper toys and a colouring page. Tara and Holger are looking forward to new adventures and Ylmeryn might be in need of a makeover.

What about those rewards? It’s very simple. Take a photo of your coloured masterpiece and post it on our Facebook contest page. Here:

Click: Facebook Competition Link

We’re waiting for them until midnight UTC on Tuesday, 7th April. After that, we’ll post the rewards code. And depending how many of your works we collect, the code will get better and better rewards! Here’s the break-down:

10 coloured pages – 100.000 Gold
25 coloured pages – 200.000 Gold + 500 extract
50 coloured pages- 300.000 Gold + 1000 extract + gift 100 gem
75 coloured pages – 400.000 Gold + 2000 extract + gift 200 gem
100 coloured pages – 500.000 Gold + 3000 extract + gift 300 gem + 1 gear scheme

So get your guilds together and start the colouring project!

! The code will go up on Wednesday, April 8th, at 12pm UTC and be active for exactly 24 hours !

#GetBusy! #GetCrafty! #StayAtHome! 

Download the contest coloring page here:


More #papercraft downloads:


Download Questland_Holger_Papercraft

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