Get To Know Your New Battle Screen!

The new battle update comes with a new battle look. Get familiar with your new battle screen here!

Today we’ll be going over everything you can expect to see in the battle screen. This includes the Hero Panel (bottom half of the screen), and the enemy stage. Here is a full-screen image of what you might see in-game. Have a look!


Top Screen

The top of the screen doesn’t change. You still have your Menu, circles that tell you what part of the stage you’re on, and finally your star count and turn limit.


Enemy Stage


The enemy stage is where all the enemies are shown. In the example above, the two Forsaken Warriors are in the front row, while the Venom Pest is in the back row. Keep this in mind when using certain skills, as some target specific areas. Each enemy will have a level. In this case, 76, and 77.

Lets take a further look at the enemy info.

The top portion of the enemy info is their Shield.


The bottom portion is their HP.


To the right is the enemy skill icon, and number of turns until they use their skill. In this case, this enemy will attack after 2 more turns pass.


In the new update, you’ll notice an arrow on top of an enemy. This indicates which enemy is selected. When you use a skill, the attack will hit the targeted enemy. The only exception to this is when you use a skill that targets specifically placed enemies (back row, front row). In this case, the target will change accordingly automatically, so be sure to use the right skills on the right enemies!

Long pressing an enemy will show you the enemy’s stats such as their Health, Defense, Skills, and other useful information.


Status effects will be shown on the bottom of the enemy info. In this case, Venom Pest is suffering from the Burn status effect and will continue to Burn for 1 turn.



Hero Panel


You’ll notice things have changed a bit on the bottom side of the screen. What hasn’t changed though is the Manual/Auto Attack button and the Skip button. These will still be available.


In between these buttons, you’ll notice your Talents that are being used in battle. If you long-press a Talent, its info will pop up.


Next we have the Main-Hand and Off-Hand weapons display. Each MH and OH will have similar passives that you’re used to, but will also have additional new passives as well! We’ll go more into detail on the different passives in another article. For now, just know you’re able to see what your Main and Off-Hand weapons are so that you can press them and refer to their different passive skills during battle.



To the left of the screen, you’ll see your beautiful Hero portrait as usual. The difference is, any buffs or debuffs will now be displayed above your Hero. Here are just a few of of the icons you might see in battle:

Attack has been buffed.

You/Enemy is stunned.

You/Enemy is burning.


Similarly to the enemy display, you’ll see your Shield and HP in the middle of the Hero Panel.


If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice the display for the enemies Shield/HP is different than their stats. This is because their Shield is x5 their Defense stat, and their HP is x5 their Health stat. This calculation also applies to your Hero. From now on, your Shield and HP are x5 your Defense and Health.


Finally, at the very bottom of the screen you will find the Spirit Board. 

At the beginning of each battle, you are presented with two rows of spirits. When a spirit is used, it will disappear, a new random spirit will spawn on the right, and the spirits will move from right to left. Spirits on the board can be affected in a couple of ways. Enemy skills can delete your spirits, and even change their type. Your own skills can add spirits as well, so you’ll have to keep both factors in mind when setting up your spirits the way you want them.

You are only able to activate one, two, or four spirits at a time. Spirits can only be combined if they are of the same color. The colors are:

Red – Melee

Blue – Mage

White – Support

Two spirits can only be combined horizontally or vertically, but never diagonally! Four spirits can only be combined in a 2×2 square.


At the very bottom of the Spirit Board, you’ll see three bars. This is your Intensity meter. Certain skills will fill up this meter. There are two types of Intensity: Melee and Magic. Depending on the skill used, it will fill up the bar with the appropriate color.

There are three levels to Intensity. You can only have one type of Intensity color filled at a time—red or blue. Gaining Intensity from the opposite color of the current Intensity will reset your bar. This means, if you’re at level 2 melee Intensity (red bar), and use a skill that gives you magic Intensity (blue bar), the bar will reset to level 1 blue, and you’ll lose your melee Intensity.

Some skills require a certain level of Intensity to activate their special effects.

See The New Look For Yourself In Action!

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  • Reply ExPlayer April 21, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    read lots of comments to come check out the Guides you said you have to help people learn this game.. Where are these such Guides!? all i see here is a bunch of what a 2 year old could figure out. shame!

    • Reply Gamesture April 23, 2019 at 8:50 am

      Hello. From March onward, there are different categories breaking down the different elements of the new update. Showing the new Monsters, Talents, Passive Skills, Mechanics, etc!

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