Guild House is the place, where all members need to work together to improve the guild and themselves. Here is an article about everything you need to know about the Guild system.

At Guild House, you’ll find the donations and research tab. The first of these is used to develop the level of the guild. You can do it by donating in one of three different donate tabs:

  • the first one requires 50,000 gold,
  • the second requires 50 gems,
  • the third requires 100 gems and is available from VIP 6

Activity is the most important thing in donate. Since the costs of individual donations are not excessive, they should be available to most guild members, but in order to quickly level the guild, it is very important that as many members as possible make a donate every day. Rewards for leveling up the guild are sent to the guild leader.

The next tab in Guild House is Research. Advancement of Research raises statistics of all guild members for a given % value. Research is done by using Tribute. It can be made every 8 hours. There are 4 types of Tribute:

  • tribute for 15,000 gold
  • tribute for 10,000 eternium
  • tribute for 1 epic token
  • tribute for 1 legendary token

There are 15 levels of Research, each of them increases the stats of each guild member by a certain %. Further levels of research require a higher guild level. Below you will find a list research levels along with information by what % they increase the stats of guild members and what guild level they require to develop them:

[table id=1 /]

It’s important to know that all items and currencies spent on donate and tribute are not refundable. You can not get them back in any way. On the guild screen you will also find a tent in which you will learn how much fame your character has. Fame can be acquired by making donate. It is a statistic that remains unchanged even after leaving the guild, it’s a reward for your activity, which is permanently assigned to your character. It will be used in future game modes.

Guild Gifts are special gifts that you recieve and that can be sent to other members of your guild, you can not open them. To send a guild gift, go to the Guild Center, then find the “Send Gifts” button, choose “Send” and click the “Add gift” box next to the person you want to send it to. You can tap this field more than once to send more than one gift. After doing this, select the “Send” button. The person you have selected will receive a message by mail, in which is the content of the snet gift.

Guild Gifts will play a major role in future events and craft. We plan to introduce new types of gifts. The Guild Master can receive guild gifts for leveling the guild. He can distribute them later to members according to their contribution.

Guild development values may slightly change over time. We hope you will like the new features. Enjoy! / Have fun!

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