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The Questland Guild Recruitment posts will allow Guild Masters to seek new players and advertise their clans in a more visible way. If you wish to have your ad posted in a similar way, contact the Community Manager on Questland official Discord channel.

:tada: (Global Server) !BackLash is recruiting! :tada:

 We are the Backlash, a rising guild with friendly and active players lurking around for Battle Events!

Of course, upon your participation in the Guild’s activities, you will be rewarded with :

  • – plenty of guild rewards :mailbox_closed:
  • – receive gifts from your clanmates :gift:
  • – exclusive guild perks :scroll:

So what are you waiting for? Message Trailrunner #5738 (Discord) or contact us in Questland!

:tada: (Europe Server) Sparta is recruiting!:tada:

:tada: (America Server) Nights Watch is recruiting! :tada:

:tada: (America Server) Well of Ascension invites you to join! :tada:

The Well of Ascension Community is recruiting players of all skill levels – whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a social and competitive community, or an active rookie looking to grow and learn the best tips and tricks from the top players on the server.

The Well of Ascension is a social community of guilds, and not a tier based alliance – all guilds are considered equal. We currently have four guilds: The Iron Oath, WolfKnives, Arch Angels, and Nights Watch. We share a community discord with Guides, Tips, and tons of fun conversations. Our guilds place in gold consistently, and our members hold 5 of the top 20 power rankings. If you are interested in joining one of our guilds, please feel free to contact the GM of one of our guilds directly in game or on Discord.

:BO: :WK: :AA: :NW:

:tada: (Europe Server) Justice Guild is recruiting! :tada:

:flag_gb:We are looking for active members to enhance our ranks in the Gold League! F2P players are welcome!

What we expect from you:
– Daily activity during the events
– Every day donations and tributes (depending on VIP level and available resources)

What we offer to you :
– A friendly atmosphere
– Weekly Gold league rewards (including gems, gold and guild coins)
– Every research at level 10 (+12% to all stats!) and guild level 13
– A great Discord server with many tips and helps, from the campaign to the daily bosses

If interested, please contact: NSye#5042 (IG: NSye), Pietro ‘Justice Guild ‘#6043 (IG: Pietro240), DameBlue ‘Justice Guild ‘#4841 (IG: Dameblue), Amonia#0352 (IG: Amonia)

:flag_fr: Justice Guild recrute!
Nous sommes à la recherche de membres actifs pour renforcer nos rangs en ligue Gold! Les joueurs F2P sont les bienvenus.

Ce que nous attendons de vous:
– Activité journalière durant les events
– Donations et tributs journaliers (en fonction du niveau VIP et des ressources à disposition)

Ce que nous proposons:
– Une atmosphère amicale et sans pression
– Des récompenses hebdomadaires de la ligue Gold (incluant des gems, de l’or et des guild coins!)
– Toutes les recherches au niveau 10 ! (+12% à toutes les stats) et une guilde de niveau 13
– Un serveur Discord organisé avec beaucoup d’aide et conseils, pour les events en cours et à venir ainsi que pour le jeu en général

Si intéressés, merci de contacter une des personnes suivantes: NSye#5042 (IG: NSye), Pietro ‘Justice Guild ‘#6043 (IG: Pietro240), DameBlue ‘Justice Guild ‘#4841 (IG: Dameblue), Amonia#0352 (IG: Amonia)

:tada: (America Server) Quantum Elite is recruiting! :tada:

:mega: Looking for active and social players that wanna have fun and kick a**!

Quantum Elite is a top 10 gold guild event after event!

:boom: We have our own Discord, with a brand new comprehensive guide for players of all levels, from veteran to novice.

:partying_face: Saturday night fun discord guild boss battles, discord games, in-game contests for most donations/hero power gained weekly with gem and gold prizes.

:brain: Knowledgeable collections and build help and a great overall community we call fam. We also run guild boss trains everyday of the event so no matter your schedule you can be a part of the fun and the winning.

:e_mail: Contact @Mcflyy (McPappi) or any officer @Ehndling @Hur1n (NA-Quantum) @JennytheTiger if you wanna join the guild of beautiful bada**es :slight_smile:

:tada:(Global Server) RedruM is recruiting! :tada:

:boom:Don’t wait! Join our team!

Our guild is called RedruM and we are open to accept new members. RedruM is a guild that achieves one of the highest results in BE on the Global server. Each of our companions is a very experienced player who willingly shares knowledge. You have no experience in the game? No worries! The only thing we require from potential candidates is the right strength of the hero and commitment to supporting our community. We are pleased to help new members learn the secrets of the game, choose equipment and talents. Returning to the requirements, if:

  • 1. You have 1.5 million hero strength points or more.
  • 2. You are active, in particular on days and hours:
    Sunday 20: 00-23: 00 UTC
    Monday 13: 00-16: 00 UTC
  • 3. And you achieve a minimum of 7.5 million guild points in BE.

We are waiting for your candidacy! The recruiter is :cloud_lightning: THUNDERSOAP :soap:, so if you meet our requirements and want to quickly develop your character, write to him about joining our community. Good luck and welcome!

:tada:(America Server) Cursed Legion is recruiting! :tada:

:question: Are you seeking to join a guild? Have you tried to join a guild but couldn’t because there are too many members or you don’t meet their expectations?

:writing_hand: Then Join The Cursed Legion we seek loyalty above all else you will have a place here my brothers and sisters, we are a roleplay guild though if you choose to not roleplay that is also fine join the legion and fight for glory,honor and loot.

:telephone_receiver:For more information, contact Hydictor.


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