Loremaster’s Archive #3

Welcome to the Loremaster’s Archive. The scrolls and books line the walls, some of them dusty, some of them glowing mysteriously, some of them containing the deepest of Valia’s secrets. Every now and then, we bring you new tales and legends of Valia, carefully curated by the Loremaster’s assistant

Part 3. Location: Dark Woods

This time, we’re diving deep into a very special forest. The Dark Woods, a place where many heroes have met their end. 

The Dark Forest is a place for the outcasts. Nomads, bandits, and the stray spiders from the Elven Ruins all hide in its wilderness. It is a home for the lost, for the forgotten, those who disappeared without a trace and those who already breathed their last breath. In the forest so dense that the day and night can’t be told apart, where the only light comes from the fluorescent plants scattered around, it is easy to disappear.

A living entity in itself, the forest hunts, seeks and consumes any who are unprepared. Many have spoken of the perils within. Some speak of a guardian and an envoy that seeks out the brave and the bold who dare to venture far into the forest and snatches them with its branches and roots. If they ever return, it is only as mere husks of themselves.

Those stories are whispered across Valia, bedtime stories and tall tales of the bogeyman of the forest. How much of it is true, who can tell. The truth is sealed in the mouths of the damned walking the forest. But these days, spurred on by the Shadow’s growing power, the entities from within the wilds have come out onto the main roads, lashing out at the unprepared.

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