Loremaster’s Archive #4

Welcome to the Loremaster’s Archive. The scrolls and books line the walls, some of them dusty, some of them glowing mysteriously, some of them containing the deepest of Valia’s secrets. Every now and then, we bring you new tales and legends of Valia, carefully curated by the Loremaster’s assistant

Part 4. Location: Sacred Oak

Today we’re diving into some lore of a very special location near Valia. The Sacred Oak, a place of rest and worship for many. 

The Sacred Oak is a nature’s monument like no other, towering imposingly over the Dark Forest. A thousand feet tall and over five thousand years old, it offers a welcome sanctuary to those traversing the forest.

Small lights flicker between its branches, guiding those who are lost, and curious creatures have made their home in its crown. Winged and scaly, the small beings don’t engage with the travellers, content to merely watch them – though their unblinking, inquisitive gaze can be unsettling to many.

The magic of the woods is thickest around here, at the forest’s beating heart. It has weathered many storms and survived even the Shadow’s march through the Dark Forest. It will continue to grow, with its branches full of secrets.

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