Loremaster’s Archive #6

Welcome to the Loremaster’s Archive. The scrolls and books line the walls, some of them dusty, some of them glowing mysteriously, some of them containing the deepest of Valia’s secrets. Every now and then, we bring you new tales and legends of Valia, carefully curated by the Loremaster’s assistant

Archived Location: Wasteland

The Wasteland could very well be the true edge of the world. A barren, wretched sort of a place, stretching out as far as the eye can see, with nothing to really see there. The air is stilted and thick, the heat near unbearable. The clouds don’t move as clouds should, and the rain is always present in some places and never graces others.

In a time when land was precious, a group of settlers tried to make it their home. They planted seeds and worked the land, and yet could not make anything grow, could not force the roots to reach in deep enough, to find purchase. And every time they would set out to explore and look for sustenance, they would come back to find their shelters gone, with no trace left. So they abandoned the place as it wanted to be abandoned, bringing back nothing but warnings.

Even the Shadow’s armies would not stay there long, and once they passed through it the place is as it ever was. Vast and empty, with only the most desperate of creatures daring to take it for their temporary shelter.

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