Loremaster’s Archive #7

Welcome to the Loremaster’s Archive. The scrolls and books line the walls, some of them dusty, some of them glowing mysteriously, some of them containing the deepest of Valia’s secrets. Every now and then, we bring you new tales and legends of Valia, carefully curated by the Loremaster’s assistant

Archived Location: The Shrine

A lone tree towers over Valia’s capital, standing on the highest hill, with roots reaching out deep and wide, told to span miles underground. The leaves are red as the fiercest sunsets, an everpresent wind moving the branches, its shadows flickering into strange patterns and shapes.

Found out to be as old as the Sacred Oak itself, the tree, now commonly known as “The Shrine” has roots that span many miles outside of the capital and are believed to bring good luck and allow the soil to yield bountiful crops. For decades scholars have studied the tree, and noted that it does not follow any common cycles of growth or seasons. Its leaves don’t change with the passing of spring and autumn, but instead all fall at the same time roughly every fifty years, to be rapidly replaced by new leaves and flowers.

There is still little known about the tree beyond that. Has it been planted or sprung into being? Does it really bring luck and fortune? Are the stories true, and it provides heroes with strength and skill? The mysteries of The Shrine are left unsolved.

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