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Archived Location: The Arena

Build a few hundred years ago by the citizens of the Capital, used as a proving grounds for Heroes old and young. The Arena is a place where many have settled scores and proven their worth, a place for Heroes to hone their instincts and enjoy the battle without fear.

When the idea of creating a place for Heroes to battle and train in first emerged, it was by one of the first guilds to have existed in the Capital as a way to help with blowing off steam. Currently however, the way it’s used has changed a bit. Now used mostly as a tournament ground for Heroes and a clashing ground for some of the most powerful titans of our age. That’s not the only role of the arena, engraved on its walls are runes of powerful and ancient magic, placed there by the Grandmaster himself. They protect those within from the outside making the arena not only a place to relax and enjoy a fight but also a place to be safe when the worlds troubles emerge once more.

One will say that Heroes are born in true battle, another says their actions should speak for themselves. The Arena does not care for any of this, it is a place of glorious bout and yells of joy.

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