Loremaster’s Archive: The Beginning Part.1

Welcome hero, please take a seat. A lot of questions are probably flowing through your mind right now, I’m sure. Worry not, all will be answered in time. I should probably start with something about myself.

You can say that I was a traveler, someone who seeks knowledge and adventure. I saw the myths you read of in the books, took part in battles that bards sing of in the taverns from days long past. I was there, I’ve seen all, stuck in a timeless existence just to tell this worlds story.

You’ve seen the world, traveled far. Crossed seas deep enough to swallow mountains, cut through forests so dense they made caves look spacious and climbed to the top of the hottest volcanoes. Yet You’ve only seen a fraction of this world.

Oh, how long ago this was. There was no where, or when, no “thing” existed and yet there was something, someone. Shapeless, dancing in a beautiful waltz, it’s form spiraled. The earth shot out of this formless void. Solid, yet it moved with such force, liquid in form.

Out of the chaos, in a dance three deities emerged. Hyd of Flame, Rhod of Stone, Caes of Water. They created everything that surrounds you, the soil, water, plants. The world has bloomed a lush green and pastel blues. And for a long time this was your world, stuck in a timeless state.

And then something happened, in a world where nothing could change a new thing emerged on its own. There he stood a man cloaked in dark, skin snow white, eyes deep green. He looked in shock, curious of this world he found himself in. The three creators of this world, confounded with the development have decided to name this man. He was now known, as Uranyl.

He lived in this world, exploring in solitude. Once he found every cave, climbed all the mountains and swam through all seas, he decided that this world should be shared and cherished by many. He begun a ritual, that took 10 days and nights, muttering and scribbling on the ground, after the last night was over, he forcefully pulled out his eye, and as if made of sand, it was blown away by the wind. And so, the clock started ticking.

Well. For now this will be it, come back later. I’ll prepare some tea for your visit and we can talk some more about this world of yours.

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