Loremaster’s Archive: The Beginning Part.2

Welcome hero, please take a seat. A lot of questions are probably flowing through your mind right now, I’m sure. Worry not, all will be answered in time. I should probably start with something about myself.

You’re back, so soon? Well, who wouldn’t be curious about the things I have to say.

Where did we finish last time? Aaah… After his ritual, Uranyl looked up to see his creation watching over this world, a companion to this planet on constant watch, a moon. It all started moving very quickly. The three deities seeing this decided that it’s good for this world to evolve and adapt, and so life was created, Hyd created a volcano where he placed his molten envoys, Caes flooded the seas with creatures who do not breathe air and move through her domain like the birds you see above. Rhod decided to go a step further, in his game of trying to do one better he created the ancient race of Elves.

He gave them language and tools, letting them loose on the world and watched their expanding empire. They’ve built what you now call “Elven Ruins”, it was called Ivasaar. A great monument. Their society was moving in full force, achieving feats of technology and magic unexpected by all Deities.

However Uranyl, was not happy with this game of “who’s better”. He created a ruse to cleanse this world of Elves, he firmly believed that they were only there to destroy forests, level mountains and pollute the air. And so he called forth the Elven race for a grand ceremony, he promised lands previously unseen and riches unimaginable.

When most of the Elven folk have shown up he performed a ritual that shook the earth and blackened the sky. When he was done, a bright flash of light blinded everyone around and then the Elves have disappeared. The ones that decided not to show up went on a grand journey across the land to find a new safe spot of land. Uranyl, not expecting to see any more of Elves, left the world to live on his creation.

That’s a lot to unpack already and I’m getting tired, please come by more if you wish to hear the rest. There’ll be more tea!

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