Love in the land of Quests

There are heroes and villains in Questland, there are epic adventures and vicious monsters, there’s magic and sword fighting and legendary weapons. All we were missing, really, was a good love story.

Those who are part of the Quantum Elite guild already know one. Their Guild is run by a King and Queen, or Bossman and Bosslady – the tour de force behind the guild’s success *and* a real-life couple whose love bloomed in Questland.

Started when I, as Guild Master, merged with a dying guild who had a couple competitive players who still had fire for the game. One of those players was my wifey. Her personality and attractiveness were too much for me to overlook……I’ve never had an online anything before, neither has she, but we turned an in-game attraction into a real-life situation. After months of texting and video chatting non-stop, I flew her out for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year’s, that’s when I popped the question and of course, she said yes.

There’s plenty of cases of significant others playing Questland together, pulling one another into the game, sharing guilds and adventures. But this is, to the best of our knowledge, the first couple to actually meet in our game. As they are planning their future together, the game is still an important part of their relationship.

Not only do we spend every minute together on video chat, we run this guild (Quantum Elite, America server) together. Everyone knows us as King and Queen or Bossman and Bosslady. We run our guilds discord together, I’m looking at her sleeping on Skype as I type this. We always joke that if Questlands wasn’t ‘our thing’ and where we met, we would have quit a long time ago lol. Which, the truth is we love each other and we love the guild fam we’ve created.” And perhaps there will be others to follow in their footsteps. “I know a couple other people that have tried to connect thru the game……weren’t as successful as me and my wifey but it is a good game and a good online platform.

The Quantum Elite Guild indeed has a special couple as its leaders. The Bossman, in talking to us, takes pride in heaping praises on his lady. “She runs our discord, I created it, she’s just better and more organized, she makes the spreadsheets, keeps everything smooth. Msgs people when it’s train time…… I’m just the math guy and collections/build wiz. She really does 90% of the work.

She def deserves the accolades. She works behind the scenes more than anyone except me knows. I’m the personality the leader, the strategist but she puts in the extra work, we have spreadsheets of everyone’s BE scores, hero power gains, contributions, monthly avg for our contests, etc cuz of her. Not to mention she is constantly rallying the troops and on top of everything guild. She’s amazing……

We hope you join us in wishing the King and Queen all the best, though we’re pretty sure they will be going strong, backed by their guild family. After all, couples that quest together, stay together.

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