Here you’ll learn all about the in-game Marketplace shops!

How To Get There

To get to the Marketplace, simply go Home > City > Marketplace. You’ll see it under the Guild tents and to the right of the Forge.



There are two different shops in the Marketplace. The Trade Shop (which has 3-4 different sections in it) and the Item Shop. The Item Shop unlocks at Level 4, while the Trade Shop unlocks at Level 12. 


Item Shop

The Legendary Gear here is not a full Gear item, but rather a Gear Part. The difference between Gear and Gear Part is that Gear Parts have a little puzzle icon next to the Gear image.

The Item Shop allows you to get materials, Gear, Legendary Gear parts, and Essences.

The Item Shop reloads every 3 hours. A reload restocks the Shop back to full. You can reload the Shop without waiting by paying Gems (Delivery). The number of times you can reload depends on your VIP level. Item prices and items may change during Battle Events.


Trade Shop

The Trade Shop is divided into 3 different mini-shops (4 if there is an active Battle Event). These mini-shops are:

  • Stamp Shop
  • Barrel Shop
  • Honor Shop (Unlocks at Level 20)
  • Event Shop (Only available during a Battle Event)

Each shop uses it’s own type of currency that can be obtained from different places.

Some things to keep in mind are Amount Limit, Left In Current Price, and Daily Limit. 

Daily Limit – Limited number of items you can purchase daily. This amount is reset every day at 3AM UTC.

Left In Current Price – Amount of items you can buy for the given price. After purchasing the last item “left in current price”, the price for the item will go up.

Amount Limit – Limited number of items you can purchase in general.

On the top of the list you’ll see a timer indicating when the next New Delivery will happen. A New Delivery means a new assortment of items will be restocked and your shopping limit is reset.

Stamp Shop

The Stamp Shop uses Stamps as a form of currency. Stamps can be obtained by completing the Daily Tasks.

You can exchange stamps for a number of different things. This includes Legendary/Epic Orbs, Legendary/Epic/Rare Essences, and Epic/Rare/Uncommon Orb Keys. Your Stamp count is displayed on the top left of the screen.


Barrel Shop

The Barrel Shop uses Barrels as a form of currency. Barrels can be obtained from Voyages.

Barrels can be collected after every finished voyage and after completing all Voyages from the Voyage list. You can find out more about Voyages here: Harbor Article.

The Barrel shop contains different Legendary Parts, as well as some Emblem-specific keys, Energy Stews, and Eternal Chest Keys. Your Barrel count is displayed on the top left of the screen.


Honor Shop

The Honor Shop uses Honors as a form of currency. Honors are obtained by participating in PvP Leagues.

The higher the league and your rank in it, the more Honors you get. Honors are assigned every day at 3AM UTC and sent to your mailbox along with other rewards.

The Honor Shop contains different Legendary Parts as well as Collection Scrolls. Your Honors are displayed on the top left of the screen. You can also choose to spend your Honors on Eternium if you press the Eternium tab to the right of Gear.

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