Other Changes

Here are a few other changes that came with the Swords and Spirits Update!

New Talent Chest

There is a new kind of chest where you can get Talents. This is available in the Grand Event. This new chest will allow you to draw multiple Talents. The amount of unique Talents available in this chest increases depending on how many stars you have in the Campaign. So the more stars, the more Talents available! If you already own a Talent that is in the reward list of this chest but you haven’t got the required Campaign stars, the Talent will be available in the reward lists (requirement will disappear).

Similarly to recent new chests, this new Talent chest will have different tiers.

Each draw (or “pack”) will have 2-3 unique Talents you can pull, including the Promoted Talent. The pack will also have different quantities for each individual Talent. These quantities are referred to as “Cards”. For example, on Tier 1, you can pull 2-3 different Talents, and have x3 or x4 of these Talents.

More info is available in the “i” icon next to the Tier Bar.



Certain Talent skills will fill up this meter. There are two types of Intensity: Melee and Magic. Depending on the skill used, it will fill up the bar with the appropriate color. There are three levels to Intensity. You can only have one type of Intensity color filled at a time—red or blue. Gaining Intensity from the opposite color of the current Intensity will reset your bar. This means, if you’re at level 2 melee Intensity (red bar), and use a skill that gives you magic Intensity (blue bar), the bar will reset to level 1 blue, and you’ll lose your melee Intensity.

Each level has a different effect. They are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Hero damage, Heal and Shield restore boosted by 5%
  • Level 2 – Hero damage, Heal and Shield restore boosted by 15%
  • Level 3 – Hero damage, Heal and Shield restore boosted by 30%



Extract will only be used for Main Hand and Off Hand weapons now. Overall, Extract Tools are much more valuable. Also, the possible Extract options will periodically change so that you have a variety of options to choose from.



Crafts have been overall adjusted. The requirements and rewards have been improved.



The Auto Loot Ticket replaced the Stew you’re able to collect in the Tavern for free. The system has been changed to allow you to collect this item every 10 hours.


Auto Loot Ticket

This ticket can be used to loot a stage x10 times. Note: This will not simulate a battle, meaning it will not complete any quests requiring you to win a stage or fight particular enemies. The amount of tickets needed to loot a stage will increase the more you loot the stage, so do be aware of that.


Guild Research

Guild research will no longer require Craft Tokens. Instead, they require new items, the Red Writ and Blue Writ. These are now used to tribute to the Guild Research so you can hold onto your Craft Tokens!


You can get them from the following different ways:

Red Writ – Campaign Loot, and Challenge Boss.

Blue Writ – Voyage List, and Daily Tasks.

Guild Research bonus values have been changed a bit. This change was made due to the new combat system and new Talents system.



The duration of Voyages has been reduced. The time to reload the Voyages was also reduced. Overall, you can complete more Voyages throughout the day, and earn more rewards.



The in-game Spins (Tavern and Jungle Spin) are more valuable than before.


Daily Tasks

As mentioned in our New Quests article, Daily Tasks have been improved. The rewards will be overall more valuable than before. Daily Tasks will also give you a lot of XP. There are a standard set of tasks with the addition of some random tasks every day.



The Arena is temporarily closed after the new Swords and Spirits update, but be sure to keep an ear out for more information in the in-game news regarding when it will open back up!


Challenge Boss

The daily Challenge Boss has been reworked and improved. Every day, there will be an new Challenge Boss. This boss will have unique skills and resistances. It is imperative that you look at the boss’s resistances and skills and plan your strategy accordingly.

Players will have 3 attempts at the boss. You will no longer get 3 “upgrades” to choose from every 3 rounds. Instead, you will continue the fight normally as you would with any other enemy. The boss will have a Shield. Every 3 rounds, their Shield will regenerate by a small amount, and the boss will become stronger. The boss will continue to get stronger every 3rd round until you are defeated.

Once the battle is over, you will be placed in a ranking, similar to the Quest Event rankings. The score will be based on your damage done to the boss and will represent your highest score out of all 3 attempts. Rewards will be sent to winners, depending on their rankings. You’ll find that the Challenge boss is a lot less time consuming, more engaging, more exciting, and more competitive than before!

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