We are happy to publish yet another guide prepared by one of our players, Shrigulax, from the US region. This time we are tackling the important subject of the Battle Events. Enjoy!

The post was originally published on Shrigulax’s Tumblr:

Questland – Guide to Battle Event

This guide intends to cover the basics of the events in Questland in their current incarnation as of today (04/26/2018).

You, and your Event Tickets:

  • It’s all about the Event Campaign Tickets. They fuel your ability to do the Campaign Event that appears on the home screen.
  • Keep in mind that the Event Tickets start being allocated as rewards about a day before the Battle Event starts (old Tickets are deleted and new are given when main event changes – at Wednesdays 13.00 UTC)
  • You have a max count of 12 tickets. They will regenerate very slowly (one every 15 min) until you cap out again at 12. The additional tickets you can gain can go over the cap (ex: you can have 57/12 tickets). Once you’ve reached the ticket cap of 12 or gone over, they will no longer accumulate, so be sure to always spend your tickets until you’re below that cap.
  • Event Auto Tickets can also be acquired through some quests and through crafting. These will allow you to instantly do battles on stages that you’ve reached 3 star ratings on. They are completely optional, and you should not go out of your way to acquire them. You can spend your resources in a better way. These tickets are an additional cost to your quests; they do NOT reduce the number of event tickets it costs to do a battle. You spend them additionally when you use the “auto battle” function.
  • Start by spending all possible energy on the campaign. Use all of your Energy Stews to max out the amount of energy you can spend on the campaign levels. Boss levels provide additional resources, increasing your pool of rewards. This is actually a bad thing. Only spend energy on non-boss levels, because they have a statistically higher chance of dropping tickets.
  • You can also watch videos to collect energy, and free energy appears in the tavern on a timed basis. You can also just buy all the energy you want in the campaign energy refill screen using gems.
  • Chain Quests also appear for the duration of the event. They become progressively more demanding on player resources to complete (requiring crafting items and using large amounts of craft tokens, etc). These Chain Quests are important to your success in the event; it’s a way to maximize your ticket gains.
  • Voyages also provide tickets. Over the course of each set of voyages, you can earn 14 tickets; half come from the total 5 voyages, and the final 7 come as a reward for finishing all voyages. This amounts to an additional 42 tickets per day if you’re diligent (8 hours per voyage set x 14 tickets = 42 tickets in 24 hours).
  • Always check the “Event” tab in the crafting area. You can occasionally find Event Ticket crafting or “gifts” that can you craft, to give tickets to your fellow guild members.

The Event Campaign:

  • The campaign itself consists of 63 levels of increasing difficulty, divided into 3 tabs of 21. This amounts to a total of 189 possible star ratings to earn.
  • With each victory, you earn Event Trophies. Those determine your overall rank, and also determine your guilds total rank in a combined amount of all guild members. They also grant rewards when you hit milestones for trophy count; I’ll get into more on that later.
  • Similar to the main game campaign, when certain star earns thresholds are accomplished, rewards are gained. The milestones are 21/42/63. Each milestone either grants Event Trophies or more Event Tickets. The current standard is:

1. First milestone: a small number of additional Event Trophies
2. Second milestone: a decent amount of Event Tickets.
3. Third milestone: a large number of additional Event Trophies.

  • Each of the three event difficulties awards the same milestone types, but the higher difficulties increase the reward amount.
  • As you continue to beat stages, the difficulty increases.
  • As you reach further level stages, the number of tickets spent increases. Although it starts at 2 tickets per battle, the amount increases hugely: the third tab requires 7 tickets per 1 fight.
  • It’s most efficient to farm the highest difficulty you can play; reward trophies scale mathematically with the tickets used, so you’re never wasting your tickets spending more on higher difficulties.


  • As an individual, you gain rewards for your trophy earnings. You can use your Event Trophies in the “milestones” tab of the crafting area. The milestones provide great rewards. These appear to change from event to event, but the things you can get tend to include things like Collection Scrolls, more Event Tickets, legendary item keys, legendary orb keys, and legendary event item keys. These provide some of the best gear in the game, so it’s totally worth your time. Currently, the best milestone reward is reached by gaining 20 million trophies.
  • Don’t worry about spending your trophies! When you craft the milestone, the number of trophies you spend to craft are returned afterward, so you never actually lose a thing.
  • You also gain rewards based on your ranking among other players. The total amount of trophies you collect is weighed against all other players. These rewards are on par with or better than those you can get from the milestones. They consist of gems, legendary event equipment keys, and legendary orb keys. Keep in mind: The numbers you see when you view the player rewards tab is constantly changing; you won’t stay in the top 10% if you get there and then just quit for the rest of the event!
  • Additionally, a new feature is that the top 10 guilds get rewards for getting high scores in the event. Teamwork is key!

That’s all I have for you for now! If you have anything to contribute on this subject, please comment below. Thanks!


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