Welcome to the newest addition to Questland Blog: Players’ Corner, where we will feature materials based on content written by Questland Players. This time we will focus on Questland weaponry with help of top 1 player on US region: WANCHAN. Thank you, Wanchan!




It’s important to mention, that really there isn’t a single best weapon in the game, however there are several that are top tier, with slightly different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the opponent.


ATTACK and DEFENSE top tier weapons worth mentioning:


FLAMING FLASH SPEAR – Potential 58, 33% chance of stun for 2 rounds after using fireball




HURRICANE HOWL – Potential 59, Above 50% health, ATK melee damage increased by 20%




MERCILESS REAPER – Potential 62, (Same as Hurricane Howler)




DEATHBREEZE – Potential 60, Above 65% health, ATK melee dmg increased by 20%




GODSLAYER – Potential 56, Above 65% health, ATK melee damage increased by 20%




SAVAGE GREATAXE – Potential 57, Above 55% health, ATK melee damage increased by 16%




CRIMSON CURSE – Potential 58, Above 70% health, chance of critical increased by 35%




DIVINE DUALBLADE – Potential 55, (same as Crimson Curse)




THE CLAW – Potential 57, Below 50%, ATK melee damage increased by 17%



MAGIC and DEFENSE top tier weapons worth mentioning


BLACK PROPHET – Potential 58, Above 50% health, Fireball and Blizzard melee dmg increased by 22%




GHOST MONARCH – Potential 59, Above 60% health, Fireball and Blizzard melee dmg increased by 20%




IMPALER – Potential 57, (same as Ghost Monarch).




DIVINE DUALBLADE – Potential 58, Below 40% health, Fireball and Blizzard melee dmg increased by 23%




INFERNAL SMASHER – Potential 56, (same as Divine Dualblade)





These four weapons above are very good because they work throughout the entire battle. They are independent of health %.


VIRGIN’S BRAID – Potential 55, After using Restoration, ATK melee dmg increased by 20% for 3 rounds




ANNIHILATOR – Potential 54, After using FB, ATK melee dmg increased by 20% for 2 rounds




CRYSTAL FURY – Potential 53, (Same as Annihilator)




INCARCERATOR – Potential 54, 25% change that after regular ATK, Fireball and Blizzard melee dmg increased by 10% for 2 rounds





Flaming Flash Spear

…for Defensive/ Passive arena. I always keep FFS equipped when I’m inactive. If I’m attacked, I will always use Fireball before the attacker and that gives me a chance to get stun my enemy first.


 Hurricane Howl / Deathbreeze

…for Boss Battle. Since bosses have basically no defense, just health, the 20% ATK melee damage is optimized. ATK melee damage is calculated by:

 1. subtracting defense from ATK

2. …and only after that, adding 20%. So, the closer your ATK is to your opponent’s DEF, the less effective 20% damage is.

With Boss Battle, I’m adding 20% to my total ATK stat, since Boss’s def is 0.



Black Prophet

…for HIGH DEF/ LOW MAG opponents. During Arena battle, sometimes I’ll go against someone who has a very high DEF stats, as high as my ATK stats. If this opponent has a very low magic, then I’ll use Black Prophet, since my character is more balanced (it’s ATK/DEF focused, but it has a good amount of MAG stat as well).


Crimson Curse

…for High DEF/ HIGH MAG opponents. Great for Arena enemies with very high DEF and ATK. In this case, the only real option is Crimson Curse, with its 50% damage bonus as often as possible.



…for opponents with nearly identical stats. Annihilator is my best weapon for prolonged battles, where the opponent’s stats are nearly identical to mine. It’s one of the few medium potential weapons, that works across the entire health range. My opponent will likely have a weapon that works for a certain health percentage range. If the opponent’s weapon works “when above XX health %”, I know that at some point during the battle, this additional skill will stop working, whereas Annihilator will just continue to do his job.


Please remember that content featured in Player’s Corner represents personal opinions, ideas and views of our players. There is no such thing as „one, correct way” to play Questland, plenty of different tactics can be equally effective while creating a powerful hero.

And if you created something, that you think should be featured on our blog – make sure to let us know via! Maybe the next article in this section will mention your name?


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