Presenting: New Passive Skills!

In the new update, weapons will have sweet new passives abilities. Learn more about them here!

The new Swords and Spirits update brings along with it new ways to use your Main Hand and Off Hand weapons. We’ll be going over a few examples of some familiar faces with new passive skills that will make you feel like the powerful Hero you are!

Before we jump into it, not all weapons are created equally, so do take note of the quality of the weapons and what that means in terms of passive skills. Here are the amount of passive skills a MH or OH weapon will have, depending on its quality:


Main Hand


Seamage Trident


Seamage Trident’s first passive skill will activate if your Shield is destroyed. While it is dangerous to engage in battle with no Shield, this effect will make your blue-spirit attacks more powerful. The second passive allows for a chance to stun the enemy for two rounds if a blue skill is used. Since you’ll be wanting to use blue spirits anyway, you’ll find your enemies being stunned, saving yourself some damage and allowing you to take them out!

Passive Skills

Woke Up Angry – If Hero Shield is destroyed, Hero’s blue spirit skills do +18% more damage.

Beast Trick – If Hero uses any blue spirit skill, 10% chance to stun enemy for two rounds.


Fang of Cruelty

Fang of Cruelty’s first passive is linked to healing. After healing yourself, you melee damage will be increased for the next three rounds. If you heal yourself in-between these three rounds, the passive will activate again and you’ll have another three rounds of boosted melee damage (note, the 3 rounds is “restarted” and does not stack, meaning if you heal twice in a row, you will have 3 rounds of boost instead of 5). The second skill is very powerful if you are looking to use red-spirit skills. If your HP is below 45%, this passive will add a red spirit to your Spirit Board. This is done by replacing another color (white, blue) with a red spirit. As long as you are under 45% HP, each time it is your turn, this passive will trigger and will grant you the +1 red spirit to your board. This can come in handy if your board is heavy with another color you may not use as much, but comes at the cost of being half-dead!

Passive Skills

Restore Your Faith – After Healing yourself, increase melee damage by 18% for the next 3 rounds.

Health Insurance – If Hero’s HP is below 45%, add +1 red spirit.

Off Hand


Runewrath Shield


Runewrath Shield has a familiar passive. If your Hero HP is above 65%, enemy melee attack is reduced by 16%. As long as you keep your HP up, your enemy’s melee attack will be reduced. Take note that this only applies to enemy melee attack and not magic attack. Its second passive rewards you for using any blue-spirit skill. When you use a blue-spirit skill, there is a 15% chance that your Hero will automatically use your Hero’s two-white spirit skill. This activation does not use any spirits on your Spirit Board. Instead, it uses the skill automatically, at no cost to your Hero. This can be a very powerful passive with a bit of luck and the right Talent.

Passive Skills

Punch Avoider – If Hero HP is above 65%, enemy melee attack is reduced by 16%.

Last Support – If Hero uses any blue-spirit skill, 15% chance to trigger two white spirits.



Thunderbash’s first passive allows you to do more damage with red-spirit skills if your shield is destroyed. This is a risky passive, since you will only have your HP to fall back on in battle, but makes your Hero very strong. Having a low defense stat and high HP stat would be beneficial since your shield would get destroyed quicker in battle, but your HP will be very high. The second passive allows you to use a red-spirit skill automatically if you activate a 4-spirit blue skill. This will help you clear the board of blue spirits so you can align other useful spirits such as white or red, while also allowing you to get a small attack in from your 1-red spirit skill.

Passive Skills

Attack Aid – If Hero’s Shield is destroyed, red spirit skills do 12% more damage.

Mighty Magic – If Hero uses a 4-spirit blue skill, automatically use a 1-spirit red skill.

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