Questland 5.0

An Update that nobody asked for, but everyone deserves!

:star: Questland 5.0 :star: Dinosaurs & Miniguns :boom:

That’s right, this April, we’re skipping 4.0 and going straight to 5.0 Some of its features include:

:lizard: Dinosaurs friendly fossils or raging reptiles – find out in the new, story rich Dinosaurs and Miniguns Campaign extension. See for yourself if the forbidden love between a Questlander and a T-Rex can survive the perils of interdimensional travel and worlds crumbling around them.

:alien: Ufo Artifactus – New Quality without a Level Cap. Raise your Swords to 1 billion levels and above in no time using the new premium currency, Elarium-114.

:gun: Main Hand Minigun and Rail Gun added as a part of new Dino-Thunder Set Weaponry

:muscle: Enter Power God Mode with the Hero Power Cap now set at infinity! Yes, you read that right – Get that twenty-digit Hero Power with the new Ufo Artifactus and Chain-Exploding Grenade Orb links Collection III system in less than 20 minutes from the update going live and win yourself a unique cosmetic. We know you can.

:token: Skipgame Token – a new token feature that allows you to enjoy all the merits of skipping the Questland’s gameplay elements. You will finally be able to appreciate the unparalleled game art while you #stayathome without any of that cumbersome gaming obstacles.

:clock: Time Travel Pass – send excess and unwanted loot to your past self using time crystals obtained from our time continuum breaking pass feature. Careful not to go back too much and cause an unrepairable time fabric fracture which may result in erasing your entire existence :grimacing:

:person_lifting_weights: #getbusy and get into shape with a new in-game helper – Tricepsratops who will help you to utilize your extra home time with a customized home workout plan.

Click the link below for a short teaser prepared by our social media team for your pleasure:

3 thoughts on “Questland 5.0

  • Reply Bernie April 4, 2020 at 11:39 am

    We need more options to spend gemstones and event tokens. Also, we need guild v guild.

    • Reply Rootzera April 7, 2020 at 6:45 pm

      Nós precisamos de um sistema de Guerra de clãs.

    • Reply tezzeract September 6, 2020 at 9:08 pm

      Cap i dont beleive this it has to be a prank

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