Questland Essentials

Questland Essentials will help you during your first steps to form habits and routines that greatly improve your way to victory in Questland!

Idle resources

Always claim resources from the Idle feature. They fill up every 12 hours, so take note of that while planning your claims. What is more, pay attention to the Daily Tasks in your Quests tab. They reset every day and are easy to fulfill.

Do not forget about sending your ships in Harbor on Voyages for even more passive income.


Gems are the most valuable resource in the game so spend them wisely. Questand Helper can direct you to places where you could find more of them.

Visit the Bank

Always claim Gold from the City Bank. It generates passive income too, but is limited by its capacity and rate. The higher your character level is, the more gold will be generated by the Bank.

Visit the Tavern

Visit City Tavern for some daily freebies. Free Loot Tokens refresh every 8 hours and you can watch some ads for more Gems there. There’s also a free daily spin for some great rewards.

Campaign Progress

As mentioned before, Campaign progress influences your idle rewards and Bank income. Make sure you advance there as much as you can. Additionally, receiving Campaign Stars also gives you some extra resources.

Keep your eyes on the Quest tabs. Completing them is an easy way of receiving resources that will improve your Hero’s progress.

Use Questland Helper

Stuck with the game or not sure how to receive resources of particular interest? Remember to tap the Helper icon for more information.

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