Questland Helper

Ever got stuck looking for a way to find a resouce you need or to acquire and develop your talents? Look no further as the Questland Helper feature has it all covered for you.

Where is the Helper?

The Helper icon is in the right bottom corner of the Home screen. Its an easy to use feature available with a single tap.

What does Helper do?

The Helper provides the most useful information on how to get more:

  • Hero Power
  • Free Gems
  • Gold
  • Eternium
  • Gear/Armor/Weapons
  • Orbs
  • Reforge Powder
  • Extract Tools
  • Collection Scrolls
  • Divide Tokens
  • Energy
  • Talents
  • Loot Tokens
  • Arena Tickets
  • Barrels/Daily Stamps/Guild Coins/Writs
  • Spins

Additionally, it can also tell you where to find:

  • Spins
  • Questland Places

Apart from directing you to the place you can receive the desired item or feature, the Helper can guide you to the official Questland video tutorials which are available after tapping the Watch button.

So remember, whenever you find yourself in a corner or in need of a resource or a helping hand, do not hesitate to tap our Helper for some useful guidance!

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