Questland Papercraft Challenge

#stayathome and use your free time to craft our brand new cube figurines.

They are here! They are mighty, they are heroic, and they are definitely made of paper.

Make your own heroes to keep you company while you #stayathome.

If you’re looking for a fun crafting project for yourself or for kids, these paper models of Questland’s greatest heroes will keep you all busy. Use the link below and download the Holger’s template. Next, cut, glue and viola. Don’t forget to #washyourhands afterwards 😉

Download Questland_Holger_Papercraft_Template

What adventures can they have around the house? Take photo evidence! We’d love to see your creativity – in fact, we’re preparing special prize packs for our favourites. Use the link below and post your pictures in the comment section of our Facebook post until Monday noon UTC. Who knows, maybe your Holger will bring you some luck in game?

Click: Facebook Competition Link

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