Questland Shops

There are many places you can get useful resources, gear or items that will greatly improve your progress. This article aims to present all the Shops available for the Heroes of Valia.


To enter the Questland shopping complex, visit the Marketplace after entering your City.


The Trade Shop tab includes the following shops:

  • Themed Event Shop
  • The Mall
  • Stamp Shop
  • Barrel Shop
  • Honor Shop
  • Battle Event Shop


Item Shop

As the name would suggest it offers various items for the players. It is available by tapping the icon on the right upon entering the Marketplace.


In exchange for Gold, you can purchase the following items there:

  • Uncommon Gear, which can be used for Crafting or Smelting
  • Rare Gear, which can be used for Crafting or Smelting
  • Uncommon Orb Essences used to Enhance Orbs
  • Rare Material which can be used in Trade Spot in the Grand Event blimp

New Goods appear in the Item Shop every 3 hours, but you can always speed up the delivery by using gems.
The shop also features a Sell Gear option, where you can trade your unwanted gear for some Gold.




The Mall

Gems and Gold are the currencies to use in the Mall. It is available once you tap the Trade Spot to the left of the Item Shop.


The Mall stock includes:

  • Gear Scheme
  • Swap Token
  • Eterman Chest Keys
  • Spin Tokens
  • Loot Tokens
  • Arena Tickets
  • Empowering Stone
  • Eternium
  • Divide Tokens
  • Epic Gear Shards
  • Gold
  • Name Certificate
  • Collection Scrolls


Stamp Shop

The Stamp Shop uses Stamps as the currency. They are available from Daily Boss Challenge and Daily Tasks.


The Stamp Shop offers:

  • Legendary Gear
  • Reforge Powder Packs
  • Extract Tools
  • Epic Gear Shards
  • Legendary Orbs
  • Epic Orbs
  • Rare Orb Key
  • Uncommon Orb Key





Barrel Shop

The Barrel Shop’s Currency, Barrels are available from completing the Voyages in the Harbor.


The Barrel Shop offers:

  • Gear Schemes
  • Eternal Keys
  • Loot Tokens
  • Arena tickets
  • Spin Tokens
  • Epic Gear Shards
  • Collection Scrolls
  • Energy Stews





Honor Shop

Honor Shop uses Honor as its basic currently. You can receive it by participating in the Arena fights.


The Honor Shop offers:

  • Unique cosmetics
  • Gear Schemes
  • Talents
  • Talent Seeds
  • Elite Gear Shards







Statue Shop

Statue Shop uses Golden Statues as its currency. They are available from Quest Event milestones and Grand Event.


The Statue Shop offers:

  • Artifact Orbs
  • Top Tier Weapons
  • Top Tier Gear








Battle Event Shop

The Battle Event Shop uses Gems and Event Medals as its currency. You can receive Medals by fighting Easy/Hard Boss and Campaign Battle once the Battle Event is open.


Battle Event Shop offers:

  • Easy/Hard Event Boss ticket packs
  • Friend Token gifts
  • Rare Key
  • Rare Event emblem token
  • Rare Event Orb







Themed Event Shop

Once in a while, when new Events start on Mondays, there is a special themed Event Shop, where you can spend the Event-specific currency or other resources (for example, Extract Shop).


The example illustrates a Clover Shop as an instance of an Event Shop. Its contents are different with every Event. The example presents its contents as some valuable gear. 


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