Reforge Guide

Reforging your gear can provide a significant boost to your Hero Power. Learn more about it from the official Reforge Guide.

What are Reforge Points?

You can perform Reforge on any item starting at level 2 onwards. Every upgrade you perform gives additional Reforge Points which can be later turned into stat boosts. Therefore, the higher the level of your gear, the more points you will receive.

What Resources do I use?

Reforging requires Reforge Powder. Additionally, Normal Reforge consumes Gold while Super Reforge uses Gems. Using Gems over Gold will provide faster points distribution. You can use the x20 or x100 buttons at a corresponding cost increase for even faster progress.

What happens next?

Once the Reforge is performed you have the option to either confirm or reject the stat boost. Confirming it will permanently increase the stat taking the appropriate number of Reforge Points from the item’s pool as well. Rejecting it will not use the Reforge Points, but you will still be charged the appropriate amount of Reforge Powder, Gems or Gold.

How to Reforge?

It is of major importance to decide whether you want to focus on certain attributes and allocate the Reforge Points only within the focus areas or go for a more balanced character build and allocate the points with every Reforge performed. Below you can find examples of how different approaches to Reforge influence your gear stats.

Out of Reforge Points?

Once all the Reforge Points of your item are distributed, Reforging will transfer already allocated points from one statistic to another.


As you see, Reforging affects your Hero Power to a great extent. It is also worth emphasizing that the allocated Reforge Points affect Gear link bonuses. Advanced Questland players recommend taking that approach while planning your Reforge Powder and Points distribution for maximum stat boost. However, it is up to individual players to decide how they want to develop their characters. Don’t forget you can get back some of the Reforge Powder you used and reset the item’s Reforge Points using the Divide feature in the Forge.

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