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The article answers a question that has been on the tongues of many: What are the chances for the latest set?


For those unfamiliar or just new to the game, let us first briefly explain what exactly the topic is:

• There are 16 emblems in Questland, and each emblem has a number of gear sets. Each set is better with every generation.
• Every so often, a new set from a given emblem starts to get released into the realms of Valia, two pieces at a time, week by week.
• After 5 weeks, a set is fully released.

Given the nature of Questland, each new set is marginally better than previous ones, regardless of the emblem it comes from. As a result, the newest sets are the most desirable, and often bring about the following questions:
• What are the best ways to get the newest set… and what are my chances?
• If I haven’t completed my older set, and still have unfinished bonus links, what are the best ways to get these items… and what are my chances?

Of course, both questions come in different forms and their structure varies, but the confusion about sets availability, item distribution, and actual odds for those items remains. So today, we would like to clear these a little bit and provide you with actual odds for each set and its sources.


We’ve covered the topic of set distribution on our blog at

Before you take a look at the graphics with odds below, you should first know about the change we are making to the newer set and its availability during the period in which it is released.

For context, let’s take the set that is currently in the phase of being released: the Guardian of the Afterlife set from Myth emblem. In the old system, the two new pieces from this set would be added each Monday to their respective emblem sources, like Myth Gear Scheme, Myth Gear Swap, and Myth Gear Shards. However, this system and allocated chances were difficult to explain and complicated to show precisely how it works week by week.

In the new system, which started this week, none of the newer set pieces are being added to Myth Gear Scheme, Myth Gear Swap, or Myth Gear Shards, until the set is fully released. Thanks to this change, players can save their resources and use the template below to know precisely what chances they have to get gear from the new set.

With this change in mind, the set pieces are still available in the following places before the set gets fully released:
• From Battle Event chests, available in Grand Event every week, is the best way to get your hands on the newest set.
• From the Elite Shard, which remains unchanged and works as stated on our blog post from March. In it, the 14 newest gear will always have a 64% chance of dropping and will continue to be updated every Monday with the newest gear in Questland, pushing the older ones out week by week.


Here is a template that you can always refer to when in doubt.

Note: “Other items” refers to items like weapons and collection items.

To make this more visually appealing, let’s put this into some context. As of 22nd of September 2020, the newest fully released set are (in order of freshness):
• Latest: Lionheart Crusader, from Noble emblem.
• 2nd latest: Trickster Prince, from Hex emblem.
• 3rd latest: Cursed Seafarer, from Abyss emblem.

Here’s what their current odds are.





We understand that this might be a lot to take, so here’s a round down in some bullet points:
• If you want the newest set right here right now (e.g. new set from Myth), visit the chests available during the Battle Event in the Grand Event or get Elite Shards
• Elite Shards are updated every Monday with the newest gear and have 64% chances of dropping.
• The new Myth will only be available in Gear Scheme, Gear Swap, and Gear Shards once the set gets fully released.
• The “latest set” in the template refers to sets that have been fully released.
• If you want detailed info on set distribution, visit the links below.

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