SIBB’s Daily Boss Guide #1

What to maximize your Daily Boss challenge damage? Buckle up and read SIBB’s mastertip guide for most optimal builds.

Disclaimer: The following Guide was created by SIBB, one of the top players on Global sever at the time its publishing. Additionally, it is worth noting that Questland offers a wide variety of talents and weapons with new ones added periodically. Therefore, the following article may also be used for future reference and further experimenting with the character builds is much encouraged.


At the moment of writing, there are fourteen Daily Bosses with many of them sharing similar features and utilizing the same weapons and talents. The Bosses are: Shaggy Ape, Forest Spirit, White Claw, Reptilian Warrior, Malachite Warrior, Rasayan, High Necropriest, Bearbarian, Hierophant, Stygian, Octomage, Scorch, Zuulaman, Phantom Miner.

Not all bosses allow you to deal the maximum amount of damage you currently can. At times, it is difficult to determine what to use against a specific enemy. The most important thing is to make the most out of the early Boss levels and don’t waste too many turns while it deals relatively low damage. This will affect you later during the fight and have an impact on your overall score.

I’ve compiled a list of weapons and talents combinations that is, in my opinion, the best fit for every situation. I will refer to them as “Builds.” It should give you a much easier time reaching for the high score or staying competitive in your ranking.

The #1 of the Daily Boss Guide presents two out of four Builds I want to share with you. At present, they are the most optimal to deal with Shaggy Ape, Rayasan, High Necropriest, Hierophant, Stygian, Octomage, Scorch, Forest Spirit, Reptilian Warrior and Malachite Warrior. 

The following abbreviations and terms will be used:
[B]blue spirit
[R] – red spirit
[W] – white spirit
1x, 2x, 4x, – one, two or four spirits
MH – Main Hand Weapon
OH – Off hand Weapon
Estimated score – its the % value of your current build damage you could incur in perfect conditions excluding critical hits and dodges. It should give you an idea of what to expect high score wise, where 100% is your maximum high score achievable on Daily Bosses in general.

Build 1

MH: Hecatombus OH: Azazel Shield

How it works

At the start of the battle, you want to tap 1x [B] to raise your intensity level as well as generating 2x [R]

With your intensity being active, the red talent “Sword wielding” will chain 1x [B] on your next 4x [R] strike, further increasing your intensity level as well as generating more [R].

When your intensity reaches level 3 – The healing effect of 1x [B] Tornado (Remedy Breeze) will be increased significantly, helping you stay alive for much longer than usual, allowing you to deal a whole lot more damage than you’d be able to in normal conditions.

Phase 1 (1-3 Turns)
(Intensity level 0)
Player use: 1x [B]Heals ~5% Max HealthAdd Blue intensity +1
Chain: Hecatombus – Add 2x [R] to your board

Phase 2 (Turn 2+) 
(Intensity level 1/2/3)
Player use: 4x [R] – Activates 1x [B]Heals ~5% Max HealthAdd Blue intensity +1
Chain: Hecatombus – Add 2x [R] to your board
Chain: Azazel Shield – Activates 1x [W] Heals ~25% Magic power – Increases your attack stat by 20% for 1 round
Chain: Hecatombus – Add 2x [R] to your board

Bosses to utilize Build 1

Shaggy Ape

Estimated score: 42%

Even though he has 50% melee resistance, Shaggy Ape is best fought using an attack setup. His magic counter ability will pressure the player beyond recovery if you were to fight him using a magic setup.


Estimated score: 48%

Rasayan‘s passive ability forces the player to use an attack setup because of his ability Blue Rain. Nothing too advanced is required to set a competitive score, using the recommended attack setup – the player will be able to deal a fair amount of damage to him before inevitably dying.

High Necropriest

Estimated score: 80%

Due to the high alpha damage of the attack talents, it is always better to use an attack setup when there is no great threat. Such is the case of High Necropriest. Despite his passive abilities being anti-melee, an attack setup will outperform a magic setup.


Estimated score: 40% – 70%

Hierophant will be the only boss where randomness means everything, due to his 50% magic resistance – using a magic setup would not outperform an attack setup even with extremely bad luck.


Estimated score: 93%

Stygian poses no threat to a player with an attack build that does not rely on intensity to build up, and even then – such a setup would not activate 1x [R]. This boss will be a cakewalk for everybody using the recommended setup.


Estimated score: 100%

This is going to be the boss that you will set your high score on. Octomage‘s Magic Slash ability will allow the player to keep his shield active for a much longer period compared to bosses that use a melee ability. Thus, increasing the time the player will have the passive ability of Hecatombus active which will result in a much higher score.


Estimated score: 93%

Getting stunned by Scorch will cost you valuable points, luckily – the chosen build for this boss does not include any 2x [R] or 2x [B] abilities in its rotation, scoring high should not be a major problem here.

Forest Spirit

Estimated score: 80%

Healing rage can not be avoided efficiently, the majority of common setups use some form of healing in their rotation. Therefore, maximizing our healing received instead will be the main focus when fighting Forest Spirit since we will suffer from his passive ability regardless.

Reptilian Warrior

Estimated score: 85%

Reptilian Warrior is not much different from many other bosses on this list, his passive ability is inevitable – all players fighting in your bracket will be affected by it. No matter the setup.

Build 2

MH: Combuster OH: Flesheater
(Works with both Bloodlust & Berserker and any blue talent.)

How it works 

This setup revolves around Combuster activating 1x [R]

Phase 1 (1 Turn)
(Intensity level 0)
Player use: 1x [R]Add Red Intensity +1

Phase 2 (Turn 2-3)
(Intensity level 1)
Player use:  4x [W] – Add 2x [R] to your board
Chain: Combuster – Activates 1x [R]Add Red Intensity +1

Phase 3 (Turn 4+)
(Intensity level 3)
Player use: 4x [W] – Add 2x [R] to your board – Activates 2x [R] – 20% increased melee critical hit chance for 1 turn

Chain: Combuster – Activates 1x [R]Add Red Intensity +1

Bosses to utilize Build 2

Malachite Warrior

Estimated score: 30%
Taking advantage of the Malachite Warrior’s passive ability we can turn his mechanic into our strength, by creating a setup that relies on [W] the player can easily keep chaining 4x [W] without having to worry about the randomness.

That’s it for part 1 of my Daily Boss Guide. The remaining Bosses and builds will be published in part 2. Good luck keeping your high scores… high 😉

More Daily Bosses in part 2 of my guide -> LINK

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