SIBB’s Daily Boss Guide #2

The second part of the much anticipated Daily Boss challenge mastertip guide by SIBB.

Disclaimer: The following Guide was created by SIBB, one of the top players on Global sever at the time its publishing. Additionally, it is worth noting that Questland offers a wide variety of talents and weapons with new ones added periodically. Therefore, the following article may also be used for future reference and further experimenting with the character builds is much encouraged.

The #2 of the Daily Boss Guide presents the following two out of four Builds I want to share with you. They are numbered in sequence 3 and 4. At present, they are the most optimal to deal with Zuulaman, Phantom Miner, White Claw, Bearbarian.

The following abbreviations and terms will be used:
[B] – blue spirit
[R] – red spirit
[W] – white spirit
1x, 2x, 4x, – one, two or four spirits
MH – Main Hand Weapon
OH – Off hand Weapon
Estimated score – its the % value of your current build damage you could incur in perfect conditions excluding critical hits and dodges. It should give you an idea of what to expect high score wise, where 100% is your maximum high score achievable on Daily Bosses in general.

Build 3

MH: Hecatombus OH: Azazel Shield

How it works

Some bosses will either delete spirits from your board when you do an action or force you to skip a turn in order to avoid a mechanic. For these bosses, using Firebird talent instead of Tornado can greatly improve your end-result thanks to the increased damage dealt while the players intensity is active.

Phase 1 (1-3 Turns)
(Intensity level 0)
Player use: 1x [B]Add Red intensity +1

Phase 2 (Turn 2+)
(Intensity level 1/2/3)
Player use: 4x [R] – Activates 1x [B]Add Red intensity +1
Chain: Azazel Shield – Activates 1x [W]Heals % Magic power – Increases your attack stat by 20% for 1 turn
Chain: Hecatombus – Add 2x [R] to your board

Bosses to utilize Build 3


Estimated score: 48%

Taking advantage of his Zuulaman’s passive ability Treachery One, the player will be able to consistently keep a good amount of Red spirits on his/her board. Replacing Tornado talent with Firebird will also enable a significant damage increase.

Phantom Miner

Estimated score: 45%

Phantom Miner brings us back to the point where I mentioned an attack setup outperforms a magic setup. Attacking every second turn will drop his passive ability buff Like a Ghost allowing the player to gain intensity by tapping a Blue spirit or generate Red spirits by clicking on a White spirit  in between the damage dealing turns.

White Claw

Estimated score: 77%

Taking advantage of White Claw’s passive ability Sensitive Fellow – the player will be able to deal double his/her damage to him while red intensity level 3 is active.

Build 4

MH: Hecatombus OH: Azazel Shield
(Talent-wise, you may experiment with replacing Faerie flame with Firebird)

How it works

One out of the fourteen bosses has a hard hitting counter attack. In order to avoid the counter attack we use a build that does not heal at all, using this method we are able to maximize our damage output by using a very hard hitting talent before the boss inevitably kills us.

Phase 1 (1-3 Turns)
(Intensity level 0)
Player use: 1x [W] – Add 1x [R] to your board

Phase 2 (Turn 1+)
(Intensity level 0)
Player use: 4x [R] – Add 1x [R] to your board
Chain: Ratchet Hatchet – Activates 1x [B] –  Add 1x [R] to your board (50% Chance)
Chain: Azazel Shield – Activates 1x [W] – Add 1x [R] to your board

Bosses to utilize Build 4


Bearbarian‘s Deceptive Healing is a dangerous mechanic and must be avoided at all cost. The workaround on this boss is to use a setup that doesn’t activate his passive ability – no heals.

That’s it for part 2 of my Daily Boss Guide. Good luck setting those high scores!

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