Everything you need to know about the Tavern.

How Do I Get There?

To get to the Tavern, simply go Home > City > Tavern. It’s the building in-between the Marketplace and the Barbershop. It is unlocked at Level 5. 


What’s In The Tavern?

There are three things you can interact with in the Tavern. You can:

  • Watch an ad for +75 gems (this can be done twice a day. The “day” resets at 3AM UTC).
  • Claim a Free Stew (this can be claimed twice a day).
  • Spin the Lucky Spin wheel.

The 34 next to the Lucky Spin means that the player has 34 Spin Tokens available to use!


Lucky Spin Wheel

The first two daily spins are always free. After these two spins, you can spin the wheel using Spin Tokens or Gems. Spin Tokens can be obtained as a reward from completing stages in the Campaign.

You can do one spin at a time, or use the Spin x10 button if you have enough tokens. Number of paid daily spins is limited and depends on your VIP level. Possible rewards are materials, Divide Tokens, Gear Parts, Gems, Eternal Key parts, Collection Scrolls, Gold, and Eternium,

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