Update 3.0 – Artifact FAQ

The following video FAQ provides information about the new gear quality that will be introduced in Questland with the 3.0 update.


All the basics you need to know about the new Awaken and Artifact features in a user-friendly video tutorial. Additionally, you can find the answers the presented questions in the section below as well.

What is Awaken?
Awaken is a new feature that can be unlocked in the Forge. It is used to combine Legendary Gear to awake a Gear of your choice from a Legendary quality to an Artifact.

What’s an Artifact?
Artifacts are new qualities in Questland. As of posting of this FAQ, there are a total of 4 stages of an Artifact: Artifacts 1 to Artifact 4. At this moment, you can only achieve them through the Awaken.

Does this mean that there will be new gear added to the game?
No, Artifacts are just a new quality of already existing gear, and you will need to use awaken to get a gear with artifact quality. No new gear will be added.

Why is Artifact gear better than Legendary gear?
Artifacts are better quality than Legendary. This means that their overall potential is much higher. As you may know, it is the potential that determines the item’s upgrade value. The potential increases with every stage of an Artifact. Also, Artifacts can be upgraded above level 100.

Can I awake other qualities to an Artifact?
No, you can only change Legendary gear into an Artifact.

Can I awake items like Weapons or Orbs?
You can awake all Gear, including Main Hand and Off-Hand weapons, but you cannot awake Orbs.

Can I change gear from Artifact back to Legendary?
No, at this moment this is a one-way upgrade of Gear. Once you awake a gear item to an Artifact, you cannot go back to Legendary.

Can I boost Artifacts?
Yes. Similarly to other qualities, you need the same item of the same quality to boost the same gear.  You can only boost an Artifact 1 with another Artifact 1 of the same gear. The same goes for an Artifact 2 and so on.

What happens if I try to awake Legendary gear that is fully boosted?
A fully boosted item has a total of 21 items combined in it. To awake legendary gear to an Artifact , you need 3 items of the same gear, which results in 18 items of that gear left. This means that after awakening you will receive your new Artifact as well as a legendary gear item that is boosted to +18.

What happens if I try to awake legendary gear that is fully upgraded or reforged?
All of the upgrades and reforging done to an item gets transferred to the new Artifact, and any leftover gear (like in the case of boosted legendary gear) is left naked. Thanks to this you don’t need to re-invest time and resources to maintain your new gear.

Can I divide Artifacts?
Artifacts can be divided to get eternium and reforge powder back from it, but they cannot be divided into parts.

Will the new quality affect bonus links?
Bonus links in legendary gear will still require the same items – no matter the quality. To help players in the future, we’ve added extra information about this when clicking on the bonus links window.

Can I get more Reforge Points in Artifacts?
The amount of Reforge points given per upgrade is equal to half of the gear’s potential. Not only do artifacts have more potential, meaning you have more reforge points given per upgrade, but also the artifacts can be upgraded above level 100, giving you even more reforge points.

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  • Reply John Edwin Bañel May 7, 2020 at 2:17 pm

    I have a gear upgraded to 80. I am planning to Awaken it, but can I still upgrade it with Eternium up to 100 while it is Awaken?

    • Reply Community Manager May 8, 2020 at 11:24 am

      Yes, you can still upgrade the gear with Eternium up to 100 lvl while its Awaken. Thank you for your comment and for playing Questlad!

  • Reply John Edwin Bañel May 8, 2020 at 5:22 pm

    Thank you!

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