Your Hero’s Stats

Here you will learn about the basics stats and metrics regarding your hero.

Hero level

The most basic Hero metric. Determines max possible upgrade level of Orbs and Gear. Also, certain features of the game have level requirements. The maximum level is 100.

Hero Stats

Hero’s statistics are extremely important in combat. Each statistic affects a different thing:

  • Health – A player’s HP. Once it reaches 0, you die and lose the battle.
  • Attack – Increases damage dealt with Melee Attack.
  • Defense – Reduces melee damage received. If an opponent’s Attack is lower or equal to your Defense, you won’t take any damage!
  • Magic – Increases the effectiveness of spells you use (Fireball, Blizzard and Restoration) as well as reduces spell damage you take from opponents.

You can improve your Hero’s stats through a number of different ways:

  • Equipped Gear
  • Docked Orbs
  • Active Gear bonuses and links
  • Reforged Gear
  • Collections

Hero Power

A player’s Hero Power is the sum of all their stats. Some Guilds have a minimum Hero Power criteria you must meet in order to apply. Besides, that, there is no content locked behind Hero Power in-game. Hero Power is an easy way to compare Heroes. Keep in mind, in PvP, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the player with the highest Hero Power will win – the proportions between stats are what really matter.

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